Feds move to correct Obama’s transgender healthcare policies

The Obama-era rule dates to a time when LGBT people gained political and social recognition. But a federal judge in Texas said the rule went too far by concluding that discrimination on the basis of gender identity is a form of sex discrimination, which is forbidden by civil rights laws.


ONN: WASHINGTON (May 24, 2019) — The Trump administration proposed Friday to roll back Obama-era discrimination policies for transgender people in health care.

The Health and Human Services Department released a proposed regulation that in effect says “gender identity” is not protected under federal laws that prohibit discrimination in health care.

The proposed rule from HHS reverses the Obama administration, which decided that the Affordable Care Act’s anti-discrimination section includes transgender people seeking health care services.

Friday’s action had been long-expected by activists on both sides of the nation’s social issues divide. Conservatives have argued that the Obama administration stretched the meaning of “sex discrimination” when it included gender identity as a protected class.   more here

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  1. If someone with a Y chromosome wants to be treated for “ovarian” (a.k.a. “MENTAL!”) problems, they can do it on their OWN friggin’ dime! 😡

  2. So much for this completely loony bit of Fundamental Transformation. Join the Armed Services and get transformed at the taxpayers’ expense. Switch sexes and break all the girls track and field records. Play tennis and join the swim team as a female with testicles. Lift weights like a man and beat all the female weightlifters. Beyond insane, and the Clowns running for the chance to run against President Trump will all shortly join in denouncing this Judge’s decision.

  3. I’m waiting for the big money marathons when facing this issue. Once the African women finish behind the “new” women the female side of the sport will crumble.

  4. It would be very sad to already have the problems of being transgendered and then not get emergency medical attention for a car accident or whatever because the nearest doctor decides because you’re a freak in one way they don’t want to treat your broken ankle.

  5. “Transgender” is a figment from sick mind. Body parts cannot be interchanged from woman to woman, let alone man to woman, or woman to man, Some moron has to try to push the limits.


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