Feds reportedly set to approve first private space mission

FOX: U.S. officials appear poised to make history by approving the first private space mission to go beyond Earth’s orbit, according to people familiar with the details.

The government’s endorsement would eliminate the largest regulatory hurdle to plans by Moon Express, a relatively obscure space startup, to land a roughly 20-pound package of scientific hardware on the Moon sometime next year.

It also would provide the biggest federal boost yet for unmanned commercial space exploration and, potentially, the first in an array of for-profit ventures throughout the solar system.  MORE

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  1. jpm, so they can tax the living fuck out of it and regulate it to near death until it moves to another country.

  2. It’s just awesome how the government reserves the right to grant access to shit it doesn’t fucking own, like rain, air, the Moon and the planets.

  3. The ability to mine and make use of materials from asteroids and other off-planet sources is finally being opened up. The legislation, called the “U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act,” Means commercial ventures will finally be able to try and profit from space exploration. Which will stimulate further development, innovation and exploration.

    The Space Act of 2015, (H.R.2262), which includes a range of legislative changes intended to boost the US space industry. Perhaps the most significant part of the Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act (HR 2262) of 2015 are measures allowing US citizens to engage in the commercial exploration and exploitation of “space resources”, with examples including includes water and minerals. The right to exploit resources covers anything in space that isn’t alive.

    Not only individuals but also corporations, including those that are not wholly US owned, qualify as US citizens for the purpose of mineral exploitation in space.

    Our home is on the northern edge of Goodstuff’s lunar crater and we are claiming squatters rights. We are also claiming mineral and ice rights on the northern ridge and slopes of Goodstuff crater. Furthermore, we have the right of surface and space access to our home. – more http://goodstuffsworld.blogspot.com/2012/09/goodstuff-lunar-squatting-declaration.html

  4. Awwwww. .. Isn’t that sweet of the FedGov to give “permission” to a private entity to explore outer space.

    Sounds like the same attitude back in the (1500s? – 1600s?), when the Pope divided the world and gave the competing navel powers of the day “permission” to explore, conquer, and exploit the lands they found. Even if the place was already populated and civilized!!
    Arrogance and hubris.

  5. Someone (Elon Musk) should just go ahead and start commercial operations and dare the Feds to stop him. The U.S. government doesn’t own space. The fact that they “grant permission” is total b.s.

    You want my rocket, Obama? Molon labe.

  6. Remember those hikers, bikers and snowboarders that go off into the wilds for the purity? And worse, go without the GPS beacon, and it costs the taxpayers millions every year to save their sorry fukcing asses?
    How bout that legislation NEVER spends a penny of the people’s money trying to save their asses? EVER !

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