Feds seize ‘millions’ from Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas cryptocurrency sites


The U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday it had disrupted three terrorist-financing cryptocurrency campaigns associated with Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS), and the Hamas-affiliated Al Qassam Brigades.

U.S. authorities seized “millions” of dollars from over 300 cryptocurrency accounts, four websites, and four Facebook pages associated with the terror financing efforts, according to a DOJ press release Thursday.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said, “It should not surprise anyone that our enemies use modern technology, social media platforms and cryptocurrency to facilitate their evil and violent agendas.”

“The Department of Justice will employ all available resources to protect the lives and safety of the American public from terrorist groups,” Barr continued. “We will prosecute their money laundering, terrorist financing and violent illegal activities wherever we find them.  And, as announced today, we will seize the funds and the instrumentalities that provide a lifeline for their operations whenever possible.”

The Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the prosecutors from the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office and National Security Division all participated in the effort to take down the terror financing sites. more here

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  1. In related news, the perceived value of Bitcoin dropped to zero, which is what it’s actual value has always been. (probably won’t happen, denial and deluded faith are strong – but if the .gov can “seize the funds and the instrumentalities “…)

    Nothing attached to the internet is secure from government scale intrusion and hacking, and any techniques the .gov has are most likely known to many .gov employees and thus many hackers. Your ISP has a record of every site you visit, supposedly only available with a warrant – do you trust the FBI to not help antifa?

    I like sniping at the fascist ruling class from the cover of supposed anonymity, but one must never say things the NSA would find actionable. And consider whose side are they on?

    Don’t tell your computer anything you wouldn’t want the entire internet to know. TOR was created by US naval intelligence. VPNs for anonymity are like salt licks are for deer hunters. Trying to be sneaky just calls attention to yourself. You can get away with stuff for about as long as you aren’t worth them revealing their methods.

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