Feds spend $2m to have wives nag husbands – IOTW Report

Feds spend $2m to have wives nag husbands

Since 2012 the government has spent nearly $2 million on a campaign to get women to nag the men in their lives to quit using smokeless tobacco.


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  1. They do it for free. Ah seen it.

    Someone should start the call for compensation for bullying, but that won’t happen – it’s right only when they do it.

  2. My mom quit smoking and got on the REDMAN and BEACHNUT tobacco. She took it to her grave, she had bigger concerns like breast cancer. Mainly she couldn’t stand the smell anymore. And the smell is amazingly persistent. I quit smoking more than 2-1/2 years ago, haven’t smoked in the house in over 4 years, but I can still find items and uncovered places throughout the house that still stink. I’ve been nagging myself for a LONNNG time….

  3. I can’t believe the Obama Administration
    is encouraging the naggers like that.

  4. My Doctor asked me if I knew why men usually died before their wives, I told him “no”. Because they want to was his reply. True story.

  5. No doubt the First Beeotch pocketed a large amount of coinage while browbeating Barry

  6. We all know the govt’s #1 skill is wasting taxpayer money. I mean $1000 toilet seats and million dollar shrimp treadmills are one thing, but “paying wives to nag their husbands” … That’s like giving Rover a T-bone for stealing the ribeye off your plate while your back is turned filling his food bowl!

  7. I don’t think my wife reads IOTW Report.
    It’s safer all the way around that I not comment.

    Wonder what she did with the money? (and I don’t chew). 🙂

  8. Tobacco policy as handled by the government (the Canadian government as well) is so two faced and hypocritical as to make you laugh. They rail on about how tobacco is an evil drug that will (check some of the ads, it’s not may, but will) kill you, complain that smokers run up health care costs for everyone and plead for them to stop (full disclosure, I used to smoke until a January evening in 2005 when I had a heart attack, then I quit) and yet would be crippled without the taxes both the state and federal governments impose. There is no way the extra health cost is not completely covered by these taxes leaving a huge pile of leftover cash for other government programs. If you want to take this one step further while a smoker with cancer will take up a large amount of healthcare it’s usually for a short term only and they won’t be around to take up any more as they grow older nor will they likely to get any social security. Smokers are a cash cow for the government and along with drinkers are pretty useful as tax sources when the government needs new money.

    If the governments are serious and actually care then ban the damn stuff. Hell, the biggest users of tobacco products now are the pharma companies who use it for stop smoking products.

  9. Too bad nagging the govt doesn’t seem to have any affect on its bad habits.

    Hey! I know! Send me $2 million and I’ll study that problem! (-:

  10. If the current usurping Gummint weren’t a feral pack of Godless Communists then they’d know that right there in the Bible it says it’s okay for women to nag their husbands.

    “…..and Mary rode Joseph’s ass all the way to Bethlehem…”

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