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Feelgood Theater!

ISIS member gots himself a badass toy. Watch him as he impresses his friends!!

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  1. I’d like to shoot the guy yelling “hollow hackbar” myself. Boy, does he ever have an annoying voice! What a pussy.

  2. Four things will give away your dumb ass to the enemy: shape, shadow, shine and silhouette. In this case, his long shadow preceded him around the corner. Any shooter halfway competent literally “saw this dumbass coming” and just let him walk into line of fire. Plus, the counter-fire on his initial shoot was dead-on target (pun intended), but he apparently thought his magic ju-ju or Discount Body Armor would protect him.

    Hopefully, he was gutshot and really suffered badly.

    “Silly wabbit. Snap-shot, full-auto without a bi-pod/tripod is for The Movies.”

  3. @trooper john

    thank you for your post. very informative.

    btw, has anyone here seen the video where isis imember detonated early, blew off his lower torso, was lying there being iphoned by his intended targets and was actually speaking.

    who knew you could talk after losing half your body? not i.

  4. The US military needs to show this video to raw recruits so they know what not to do – and it’s not just one stupid thing, it’s a string of them.

    I wonder who got to tell his goats about this, and what sort of bereavement benefits the goats will get from ISIS?

  5. Good info TJS but it’s even worse (or better maybe) than you surmised LOL. I went back up and realized that the video was set up to start in the middle. At about 1 minute he darts out there like that from the same position and fires. At about 2 minutes, he does it again and comes close to getting nailed. Then the idiot ran back out there the third time and it was indeed “a charm”.

    It’s been said that the last words of a redneck is often “watch ‘iss ya’ll” – I’m thinking that was his last words……. except in Arabic.

  6. That wasn’t nearly as “instant” as it could have been with a USA serviceman returning fire. But Ali Ontheotherside finally got a bead on this “zero” and smoked his ass, so it’s all good. Only thing better would have been if he’d totally lost control of the weapon and “hosed” down his fellow goat humpers.

  7. Now Obama will want to send troops to teach these poor underprivileged warriors how to use the weapons given to them. what an unfair advantage their opposition must have!

  8. We already have. Recall, that we’ve trained the Syrian “insurgents” (ISIS allies & McCain’s pals) to the tune of what, around $300K each?

  9. While I applaud any of these bearded goofs meeting their maker, this goof is not with ISIS. He’s actually one of the goofs that the US is supplying arms and ammo to, yeah I know we’re hooking ISIS up as well.

  10. I think if you translate it, when he hands the guy his radio/phone it actually reads “here hold my beer for a second”.

  11. Nice. Love that vid. Perfect example of a couple controlled bursts from either a SAW or 240, guessing SAW since he didn’t get all messy when the rounds went through the neck/head.

  12. You say “Allahu Akbar” after your half wit buddy gets wasted because he exposed himself like a retard to enemy fire? Who knew? I thought you only said that after sawing off some Yazid’s head with a kitchen knife

    Just kidding. Actually, Arabs say Allahu Akbar 100 times a day –under any circumstance you can think of. They’ll even say it after taking a healthy shit

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