“Feeling the Bern?”


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6 Comments on “Feeling the Bern?”

  1. sooo the main stream malarkey spins that Hitllery and Mad Hatter have an uptick in their standings after the “debate” [snarff]…. i hope we haven’t reached the day where MSM dictates again who the next Prezzy will be….if they try, take MSM down and out….enough of their blathering bullshitty progtard crap….

  2. What BS is selling is contrary to the Constitution of the United States, and, being so, he is violating his Oath of Office and committing Treason.

    He needs to be removed from office.
    And imprisoned until he dies.

    May God have mercy on his useless, corrupt, tainted, fetid, diseased, foul, satanic, dead, rotting soul.

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