Feinstein needs Google to look up Hillary’s accomplishments as senator

WT: Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California struggled to name one ofHillary Clinton’s accomplishments in the Senate, instructing one of her aides to Google the Democratic presidential front-runner’s track record during an interview Tuesday.

The San Francisco Chronicle called it a “straight-up question,” but Ms. Feinstein, who endorsed Mrs. Clinton for the presidency, apparently wasn’t prepared.

dianne feinstein

“As someone who worked with Hillary Clinton for nearly a decade in the Senate, what in your view was her signature accomplishment as a senator?” The paper’s editorial board asked.  MORE

11 Comments on Feinstein needs Google to look up Hillary’s accomplishments as senator

  1. “but Ms. Feinstein … apparently wasn’t prepared”
    I disagree. She was well prepared.
    Having no list of Hillary’s accomplishments reflects reality. There were no accomplishments.

  2. Clinton helped NY secure a $25B loan, diverted $5B, making it a $20B loan. Previously she put together a miserable health bill as first lady that landed flat under heavy criticism. Clinton wasn’t seasoned enough in the Senate to accomplish anything.

    What an AWESOME record. Thanks for pointing out all her accomplishments.

  3. What about gun running? Bimbo irruption control? Cattle futures? Dodging sniper fire? About 200 people dead under suspicious circumstances that she personally knows. Whitewater? Mastering selective memory loss, personally and electronically? (shortlist).

  4. As I understand it, she did not introduce a single bill during her years in the Senate. She co-sponsored three (3) bills. This is very little output for eight (8) years.

    BTW, Feinstein looks awful. Perhaps she and Hill will be going together to meet FDR?

  5. You left out her single accomplishment as attested to by her fake husband, Slick Willie….”she has eaten more p**sy than me”….

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