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Feinstein: Obama Approach to Islamic State Not ‘Sufficient to the Job’

WFB: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) continued to be a thorn in the White House’s side on the issue of fighting Islamic State, saying Sunday on CBS that the Obama administration’s approach is not “sufficient to the job.”

dianne feinstein

Face The Nation host John Dickerson asked whether her earlier concerns about the administration’s strategy had been alleviated by a briefing from Secretary of State John Kerry.

“No, I don’t think the approach is sufficient to the job,“ Feinstein said on Face The Nation. “I think their general principles and their general principles in terms of the administration’s strategy, too, but I’m concerned that we don’t have the time, and we don’t have years. We need to be aggressive now, because ISIL is a quasi-state.”

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9 Comments on Feinstein: Obama Approach to Islamic State Not ‘Sufficient to the Job’

  1. Feinstein is a Nazi Pig who comes out every once in a while and disagrees with her party for show. Believe me she is a gun grabbing commie piece of shit. I had to put up with hers and Boxers bullshit when I lived in California. Everything from trying to take guns to closing the desert for riding motorcycles to shutting down businesses with regulations. She can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned.

  2. People like her are why we are where we are.

    See, they create the problem so they can control the solution – and then they don’t have a solution “sufficient to the job”. This method ensures constant angst among the people living under these evil turds which allows them to perpetuate the entire game.

    Problem, reaction, solution………wash, rinse, repeat.

  3. Why not just say it loud Dianne…..you oppose Obama because he’s a NIGGER right!! racist bitch…

  4. Angst bought and paid for by Progtards from the left everywhere.

  5. She’s nothing more than a flea that hops on the nearest dog to take advantage of it!

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