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Female Hygiene Inspired Cereal

UK Daily Mail

A ‘uterus-shaped’ cereal has been launched with the goal of putting conversations about periods on the table.

Feminine care brand Intimina developed its raspberry-flavoured ‘Period Crunch’ to encourage families to discuss menstruation more openly at breakfast.

Despite being marketed as womb-shaped, the cereal actually resembles the entire female reproductive system. More

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  1. Whoever keeps asking “Can people possibly be any more stupid?”, please stop it. The universe obviously does not realize that it’s a rhetorical question.

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    NOT while I’m eating my meals!
    Utterly GROSS!
    “conversations about periods” (not unless you’re talking about punctuation and grammar)
    “raspberry flavored”, “Period Crunch”……(‘scuse me, I gotta go barf)

  3. Why do “we” need to be discussing menstrual periods at breakfast (or any other time, for that matter)?

  4. …so, do you just lick one end then leave it wet and alone in the morning?

    …might be a good lesson in what to expect for girls, if so…

  5. No, just no. If it’s covered by your underwear, nobody wants to talk about it, especially at mealtime.

    I really miss the days when private things were private. 😳

  6. …do you serve it with an absorbent pad underneath?

    …you know, in case of leakage…

  7. …I think civilization would be better served if the “Conversation” it started was “If you’re a girl you have THIS, if you’re a boy, you DON’T…

  8. Brad
    MAY 27, 2022 AT 4:53 PM
    “I think they should have made them look like little Tacos.”

    …and in NEW Stacey Abrams size for the hearty eater…

  9. Brad
    MAY 27, 2022 AT 5:10 PM

    “You’d need to use a swimming pool as a cereal dish.”

    …and wear a life preserver so you can get back out?

  10. I remember when I used to face some skepticism when I said that there is no limit to how filthy and disgusting progs are. It wasn’t that long ago.

  11. “Did you just serve me my waffles & sausage arranged like a very small penis & 2 huge testicles?”
    “Why, yes, yes I did.”
    “The Fundamentals of Caring”

  12. I can just picture their next stunt …

    In a commercial a little boy it trying to suck his strawberry flavored milk through a straw.
    “Mom, my straw doesn’t work”
    examining his straw, he sees a string sticking out the other end.
    “hey, what this?” as he pull on it … it’s attached to a piece of cotton blocking the flow of milk.
    “It’s a ‘tampon'”, Mom exclaims
    “what’s a ‘tampon”
    “I’m glad you asked, Timmy … now sit there while I explain …

    … the epilogue would be Dad comes home, Timmy’s lying in his bed after throwing up breakfast. Dad says, “what’s the matter little buddy?” Timmy moans, “Dad, please tell me I was adopted … please!”

  13. reminds me of a joke

    drunk at bar: hey bartender, gimme another … & give that douchebag over there a drink too
    bartender: hey, that’s uncalled for! excuse me ma’am, that gentleman would like to buy a drink. what’ll you have?
    woman at bar: … vinegar & water

  14. Shouldn’t they throw some cereal in the box that looks like dicks, since not all “women” have a uterus.

  15. Repulsive Satanic concept designed to pervert and confuse kids.
    Result: generations of sexual predators and addicts who can easily be manipulated and have no idea about right and wrong.
    No other reason for this depravity.

  16. Alright. I’ll start the conversation: If your period’s crunchy, you really need to see a doctor.

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