Female Officer being brutally attacked by suspect ends up being saved by Good Samaritans – IOTW Report

Female Officer being brutally attacked by suspect ends up being saved by Good Samaritans


WILLOUGHBY, OH – An officer in Ohio and the police department she works for are grateful that four people saw a man attacking her and decided to do the right thing and stop and help her. Had the good Samaritans not stopped to help, God knows how the fight would have ended. more

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  1. “God knows how the fight would have ended”

    God and everyone else who watches the video knows exactly how it would have ended.

    Once again, poor tactics and improper training result in a cop over his/her head and into a dangerous position that could have been avoided.

    Good thing this did not happen in a large blue city, nobody would have helped her. And taking out your phone to record the interaction is not considered “help”.

  2. Women shouldn\’t be cops. That was 1 older guy that she couldn\’t handle, imagine a car full of younger thugs.

    I wonder if the first \”good samaritan\” would have been so quick to act if it was a black man? Or a bunch of vatos? But a spindly old white guy? Open season.

  3. Quite frankly, if that had been a male officer this video would be viral showing a badge heavy cop. I don’t know what the point of her shoving him with her arm was. And the “You don’t do that to a woman?” I understand. “I want to be treated like a male officer, until something happens at which point I get to play the female card.”

    I know someone who was a state trooper. He told me of this one guy in his detachment who was forever getting in fights. My friend had never seen him up close so he didn’t know why. One day, my friend backed up the other guy. My friend said, “I wanted to hit him.”

    I am not excusing what the guy in the video did, but that officer should evaluate her people skills.

  4. “Women shouldn\’t be cops.” Agreed. But as testo levels spiral down I’ve seen a lot of men that are cops that would not have fared much better. They shouldn’t be cops. They should be IRS and FBI agents.

  5. Agree with RadiioM…Sorry…Female cop was the aggressor…..I wouldn’t want to sit on ground either…….so tell driver to place his hands on car…Female cop started being aggressive…and tried to force driver on car by pushing him…without backup…
    Who put their hands on who 1st…..??

    She was probably late for her dog shooting range practice.

  6. 57 in a 35.
    First, don’t jump out of your car.
    Second, follow directions.
    Third, don’t assault a Police Officer (Man or Woman).
    Obviously the guy had a bad day, with a bad attitude.
    He made his bad day to an even worst day.
    If you choose to be a dick, expect to be treated like a dick.

  7. She handled it terribly. She initiated physical contact with no credible reason to do so, perhaps a slight emotional reason (fear). Too bad she didn’t take two steps back and deploy the taser on his sorry carcass. That would have been more legit.

  8. He handled it poorly.

    She handled it worse and shouldn’t be wearing a uniform. I’m becoming less and less supportive of the Blue as time passes.

  9. “…you don’t do that to a woman…” Sorry Officer Stacee; you’re a policeman, not a “woman.”

    Too, right side approach is a tactical decision which is best used at night or during a highway stop. A conventional approach would have blocked him from exiting the vehicle, allowed her to control his door …or let him attempt to use Mr. Door as a weapon, at which point it’s ‘game-on’ with a quick stop at the ER for a couple of staples before returning to the station house for booking.

  10. RadioMattM

    I don’t know. But did you catch the guy with the Statco 2011 with everything but a coffee maker attached to it and his slide was locked back while he’s supposedly shooting at the guy. Hilarious. I wonder if he was making shooting sounds with his mouth. Then the guy in the car behind the guy almost got his ass shot off by his pals. But dang what a break for the victim. That’s one lucky woman.

  11. I’m not a cop, nor a criminal, but logically thinking, if I were a criminal, I would size up my opponent before deciding to get physical. I might think twice before striking out against a 6’-6” 250# male cop, whereas, if confronted with a 5’-2” 100# female, I would consider my odds of success far greater. This is why I think female patrol cops are a bad idea. On the other hand, our now-retired politically-correct police chief once told me that female cops are a lot better at de-escalating a tense situation.

    Well, at least I am sure Willoughby is paying its female cops the same as it’s male cops. “Equal pay for equal work “ and all that.

  12. Brad: In your video, I counted at least 5 instances of poor muzzle control; it’s miraculous none of the cops shot each other. And what about all those rounds going down range? Who knows who or what they hit.

  13. Walter Johnson, Tasers don’t always work. Take two steps back and empty the clip of you 9MM; much more reliable.
    Female cops are virtually useless.

  14. Tony R

    I know. That was some ugly crap. It should be used as a “what ever you do, don’t do this” video. There was a highway there too. The cop crawling under the gun fire was hilarious. That was some aggressive shit. “He’s still moving”. LOL, I think it was just limbs falling off. Holy crap. But they did save the woman.

  15. I wouldn’t say female cops are useless but they do operate at a disadvantage. Most female cops, especially the small ones feel that the male officers do not respect them and that they have something to prove. They are easily prone to go “hands-on” at the drop of a hat and they will perceive and comment or action as a challenge to their authority.

    The good ones recognize these deficiencies early and compensate by upping their physical fitness and their people skills. And they understand that calling for backup is not an example of weakness.

  16. “You don’t do that to a woman!”

    Shut up you stupid c**t !

    You’re COP ! That’s the respect you demand and deserve!

    You lost all respect with that. You get no points for that response and are an embarrassment to all law enforcement!

    RESIGN ! You are useless and unworthy of wearing the badge.

  17. Snotty, incompetent and fearful. This is affirmative action.

    She needs to go get a job where she can use that snotty manner to tell people that their library books are overdue.

  18. This scenario has been played out in reality over and over again. Female police officer overpowered by a male perp. Even a small man has enough strength to at least escape a larger woman officer’s grip.
    Thanks to Feminism, the fact men and women are physically different is completely ignored by the military and law enforcement. Woke institutions will never get it or make adjustments.

    Men have more muscle mass and thicker bones and skin than women. Women have more fat, but extra fat is useless in hand to hand combat against men. Women are just not stronger than men.

    The female officer in this video was trying to prove she could handle a physical confrontation with a man. The older guy proved her wrong and she soon realized the situation was out of control. She started that conflict and should be reprimanded.


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