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Female Skater Rips Trans Competitor Who Won Red Bull Competition

NYP: A female skateboarder is flipping out at transgender athletes who are allowed to compete in women’s events — saying it’s costing her thousands of dollars in prize money.

“I am sick of being bullied into silence,” Taylor Silverman, 27, complained on Instagram Wednesday, already landing more than 17,000 likes, as well as a flurry of attacks accusing her of being transphobic.

Silverman, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, complained that she has competed in “three different contests with trans women, two of which I placed second.”

She shared a letter she wrote to Red Bull complaining about the “unfair” competition she faced at last year’s Cornerstone competition, which skateboard blogs say was won by trans skater Lillian Gallagher.

Video posted to YouTube shows Gallagher taking home a trophy at the event in Lincoln, Nebraska — with Silverman and another skater on smaller podiums beside her.  more

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  1. kinda hard to empathize w/ someone that signed up for a competition that allowed the opposite sex to compete in it & then whine about getting their ass kicked by someone from the opposite sex

    if women would just boycott this nonsense, there would be an end to this silliness

    … but, no … too many of them have been led to believe this horse crap

    suck it up, buttercup

    (& I’m not just picking on women; men are just as complicit in this too)

  2. @MA. Yeah men are complicit but any woman who tries to compete in a mens event would have a hard time qualifying, never mind winning or placing.

  3. Funny that. Leftist loons calling her “transphobe” while they’re probably some of the most loyal worshippers of Lord Fauci. Not believing in science, just scoince.

  4. Maybe if enough women who were defeated unfairly by a tranny, while in the locker room, would get together and beat the living hell out of the tranny, and then swear to secrecy. perhaps the tranny would think twice about competing in real women’s sports again.

  5. Just like Hambone inquired, how did this gal vote? I’m done with these folks who vote for this kind of crap and then complain when it negatively impacts them. Stop electing these perverts who will demand that we accept all kinds of depravities in the name of “inclusiveness”.

  6. I find it humouous that young people are accepting of alternative lifestyles until it affects them. It’s too late to do anything about it now. God will take care of it, Sodom and Gomorrah was just a warm up.

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