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Female to Male Trans Beats Male to Female Trans in College Swim Met

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The Yale transgender swimmer who stole the spotlight from Ivy League rival Lia Thomas at Saturday’s meet held off completing his transition from female to male in order to finish his college career on the women’s team. 

Iszac Henig, a 20-year-old California native, competed in three events at the meet between Yale, Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, winning all three – including two head-to-head showdowns with Thomas. 

Thomas had competed on the UPenn men’s team for three years before transitioning and joining the women’s team this year, sparking controversy after she shattered longstanding records. Warning: Some of the photos are a freak show.  More

At what point do the pronouns transition? – Dr. Tar

27 Comments on Female to Male Trans Beats Male to Female Trans in College Swim Met

  1. “I saw a funny freak parade …”

    I don’t know who’s more fucked up … the perverts who believe they’ve changed sex or the maggots who enable them.

    This is pure Satanism – there are young, impressionable, ignorant children (and quite a number of adults) out there who can’t perceive the fallacies.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Given enough testosterone…at the right times…and you’ve got a strong mammal…seriously screwed up ming, but strong as an ox.

    Probably okay, as long as you don’t mind being reduced to an animal.

  3. I’m not certain the guy didn’t throw the race to the girl?
    He knew all eyes were on this race.
    Regardless, he took drugs to suppress and she took drugs to enhance.
    That was the competition, who is more enhanced.
    Him with natural biology, her with pharmacology.

    Freak race is all it was.

  4. GREAT the science is settled.
    It takes a female on testosterone & roids to beat a male pretending to be a female in college swimming.
    Science settled.

  5. So a man who’s a woman beat a woman who’s a man.
    Or words to that effect. I get lost when I read this story and I’ve readout several times.
    Insanity. And Let’s Go Brandon.

  6. It’s a setup to show that m->f trannys don’t always win but that it took a f->m tranny to beat ‘it’ also says that only enhanced humans can win.

  7. Glory be! Entry to the Circus Sideshow Freak Exhibit used to cost .50 cents and now it is free on the internet!

  8. So a male athlete could claim to be a female transitioning to a male and thereby justify boosting with additional testosterone? I think I found a loophole!

  9. I saw the reasoning for this outcome was the female to male was taking testosterone and you can see that person is bulked up in the team photos. The male to female on the other hand is on blockers and not benefiting directly from being ‘roided up.

  10. Less Drag with the Parts cut out


    More Drag Kings & Queens in the Water.

    Too confusing to really pay attention.

  11. I finally realize why the lefties wanted to end animal performances under the Big Top: The freak show wants to be THE circus

  12. The tranny dude pretending to be a chick will prolly file a complaint that it isn’t fair that “she” is being forced to compete against a “man”.

    Just like the criminal tranny who when he sued to be placed in the women’s prison stated that it was a violation of human rights for a “woman” to be incarcerated with men.

  13. Male tranny threw the race to get a date with the female tranny?
    This is getting really confusing to those of us used to male, female & nothing else.

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