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Feminism Without Women

Frontpage Mag: 50 years after Ms. Magazine was founded by Gloria Steinem, the prototypical feminist magazine decided to erase women by referring to them as “birthing people” and “people with vaginas”. 

Once the champions of newspeak jargon like “herstory” that was supposed to emphasize the role of women, Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation are now erasing women. After generations of accusing men of objectifying women by reducing them to body parts, the professional feminists are eliminating women entirely by reducing them to body parts.

Ms. is short for Miss which was itself short for Mistress. At some point, the magazine will have to be renamed to Xer or They. And the Feminist Majority Foundation owes its name to yet another romance language name for women creating a movement named after women without women. 

Can there be a feminist movement without women? Will feminism have to be renamed Xerinism or Theyinism? more here

10 Comments on Feminism Without Women

  1. Feminism without women.

    I’m fine with that.

    Then, actual women can be women again and we men can enjoy real women again for being what they truly are and only they can be: WOMEN!

  2. Can I (definitely male) CLAIM to be a wymen “because”?

  3. Let’s see, what do I prefer?
    A person with a vagina or a woman with a penis? Or maybe a man with a vagina? Oh now I’m getting confused!

  4. General Malaise,

    I agree! Us women can be what we are meant to be – feminine without the -ist and you men can be manly again. I like that.

  5. “Birthing people is the natural outcome of reducing people to a group and the group to an abstraction.”

    In other words, progressives can’t see the trees for the forest.


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