Feminist prof wages “jihad” on misogynistic chalkboard sign



David Menzies of The Rebel.Media reports: University of Calgary professor of feminist media and cultural studies, Rebecca Sullivan, has moved on from publicly criticizing The Red Pill documentary to condemning a Calgary bar for what she calls a “misogynistic” sign.

15 Comments on Feminist prof wages “jihad” on misogynistic chalkboard sign

  1. Al…. for the love of… you’re so sexist. The politically correct term for mammary glands is ‘Jamboolies”.

    “Helen is deaf and blind but has a great set of jamboolies.”

    Please update your neanderthal terminologies.

  2. Leftists: sucking the fun out of life since 1900. Besides, who doesn’t like a nice set of jamboolies?

  3. Whats really behind this is the deep jealousy her and others like her hold against popular and attractive women they could never quite compete with.

  4. At some point you’d think women who are not self loathing misandrists would jump in and tell these “feminists” to lighten up, cause they’re ruining their chances for real women to find a decent man.


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