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Feminist Review of Gay Themed Sitcom “Fire Island” Gets an “F”


A high-ranking editor at New York magazine has complained about the lack of women in Hulu’s gay comedy Fire Island, saying the movie fails the “Bechdel test” — the feminist standard  that determines if at least two female characters talk to each other about something other than a man.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this Bechdel test, and it sounds as though if a show has two women talking about makeup or cooking or shoes that it would pass. WTF? Those are hardly topics on the feminism appreciation schedule.

  2. Gay program or a movie/series promoting gay lifestyle? It gets turned off. I am heterosexual an have no interest in the gay lifestyle. I am tired of having it thrown in my face. I also do not associate with Muslims as their religion wants to kill me. Screw that.

  3. We need to encourage these feminists, and gays, and Trannies. After all, ultimately they are eliminating that bad gene. In 30 years, we’ll all be straight again. And they’ll be suntanning in hell.

  4. I turned off the TV so long ago… when I thought it all sucked…

    Now they have feminist and fag tests, and probably negro tests, too.

    A fag show wouldn’t have women in it unless the fags were being mean to them. I have known fags over the years and, by and large, they hate women. Women steal men from fags that the fags want for themselves. They are predators. I mean fags are predators. But fags think women are predators.

    Fucking degenerate fags.

  5. Why should feminazis care about “gay” men, whose deviancy focuses on men and boys. Haven’t male queers disqualified themselves from being a threat to women.
    Guess not. Feminists, Marxist tools are threatened by anything male who they target for elimination. Psychos don’t have limits, obviously.

  6. Like NETFLIX, HULU has a love-relationhip streaming vids which feature homos, abused children, trannies, seks trafficking, child molestation, pedophilia, and in particular nazi and democrat race-hater films which glorify the vile cults. Dumped them both.

  7. I paid for Reelz channel recently only because of the LivePD reboot starts this month. Other than that, no TV/cable since ’07.

  8. Never heard of either that so called test or the sitcom.
    I like Roku where we can watch old shows. They were actually imaginative and not a bunch of left wing trash.

  9. Remember the movie Gettysburg? There was one scene with two women in the whole movie and only one of them had a seven-word line. It was sheer bliss.

  10. Hey feminist dumbasses… In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the globalist masterminds are trying to reduce the global population by programming as many young people as possible to become either faggots or sterile, neutered trannie freaks. The least valuable person in their ideal world is a woman who can bear a child. This is the shit that the “best and brightest” come up with these days.

  11. I watched fire island and it was awful. Full of stereotypes and characters who need to be drugged or drunk to get thru their mundane lives even thou their suppose to be on vacation.
    I am so glad it was a pirated copy and i didn’t have to pay for that crap! Screw Disney!

  12. Jason – Am a history buff and love that Gettysburg movie but can’t remember that scene . Have been to Gettysburg many times and my Great Great Grandpa fought and was wounded there and received a small pension from his wounds and shortly mustered out after that. There’s a small house there called the Jenny Wade house where Miss Wade was helping the Union soldiers and was shot dead by Rebels through the front door. Love the music from Gettysburg,too.

    Happy Flag day and Happy birthday to President Trump!

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