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Feminists and Other PC Tyrants Are Taking over the World

PANAMPOST: If you think you’re tolerant and that you defend freedom of speech just because you claim that it’s fine for someone to declare themselves “trans-species” or for a man to be able to marry a tree, but at the same time you demand anti-discrimination laws, you are mistaken. You are far from being tolerant.

Defending freedom of speech and being tolerant involves, for example, if you are a homosexual, not asking for punishment or fines for those who think your sexual orientation is deviant. Being tolerant involves recognizing the rights and freedoms, including the freedom of speech, of those who do not share your own values or don’t approve of your lifestyle.

When it comes to hypocritically extolling the virtues of tolerance and falsely presenting themselves as defenders of free speech, collectivist feminists are true experts. They claim that they fight to liberate and empower women, but any time a woman dares to say something that bothers them, they try to censor her in hordes.

Last week, I published a video in which I spoke of “the tyranny of collectivist feminism.” Naturally, the video was online for less than one day because the social medium in which I had published it decided to delete my account due to “massive complaints” about my viewpoint.  MORE

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  1. I want that facial expression on every Hillary voter’s face on election night.
    Get any like minded friends and relatives off their asses.
    Yes, we WILL!

  2. Sorry, forgot to fill in the blanks again! Anonymous was me. At least I posted the video properly! 😉

  3. So who’s the women in the photo with all the beads?

    Maybe she could hook up with Muslim rage boy. They probably have a lot in common to bitch about.

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