Feminists May Succeed Where Blofeld Failed – Killing James Bond

American Thinker: I didn’t think it possible, but James Bond movies are becoming even more fanciful – casting a female 00 agent who is disrespectful to Commander Bond. If movies succumb to the loony Left’s cultural misappropriation, then Bond may soon become an effete metrosexual, a fate worse than Goldfinger and Blofeld combined could have contrived.  Perhaps women are “more equal” at a lot of things, but being a 00 agent is not one of them.

In the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die, the new female 00 spews this forgettable line: “The world’s moved on, Commander Bond, so stay in your lane.”   What a bunch of lefty tripe!  It makes me long for “Pussy Galore” in Goldfinger (yes, that was a popular character’s name, played by Honor Blackman)  or even the devilishly sultry Onatopp in GoldenEye, who’d squeeze the dickens out of the hapless men underneath – what a way to go!  Yep, that Onatopp was truly a strong woman, but the incessant calls to cast “strong women” to rein in one of the greatest movie characters ever are becoming tiresome.  Rather than feminine fortitude, they may actually reflect insecurity. 

If movies are supposed to reflect the times, or represent the Left’s interpretation of our so-called cultural zeitgeist, then why are more “strong” women blowing stuff up and doing Kung Fu, and whatnot?  In reality, they often champion victimhood and screech at the slightest affront to their delicate psyches.  Part of their plight, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, comes down to brain chemistry — their estrogen and progesterone. Rather than fight, women are more wired to take flight, so how does that little fact support calls to feminize James, or even replace him with a female 007?

Maybe the world has moved on since Ian Fleming imagined Bond; nevertheless, 007, or any 00 agent in MI6, may reasonably be expected to exhibit the skills exemplified by our elite troops.  Bond is a Commander, after all, so let’s ponder some real-world analogues for a moment. 

Remember the MSM frothing with excitement over two women graduating from Army Ranger School?  Actually, there’s evidence it was predetermined by generals succumbing to political pressure to ensure that women graduated.  Women who failed tests were allowed a redo, and given favorable treatment not afforded the men.   MORE

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  1. The 90 pound woman throws the 220 pound dude into a ditch.

    We’re really a bit sick of this bullshit.

    It’s not unlike the scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood where the Brad Pitt character tosses the Kato character into the side of a car.

    Cliff Booth: Hey, Randy.
    Randy: Cliff! What the fuck, man?
    Bruce Lee: Let me just say, nobody beat the shit out of Bruce. It was a friendly contest. He barely touched me.
    Cliff Booth: I think that dent in the car says something different.
    Janet: Oh, my God! What the fuck did you do to my car?

  2. I just watched the pilot of 9-1-1 Lone Star. I should have known that the writing would be as lousy as its predecessor 9-1-1 – how do they get people to watch this garbage? But then the son had to be gay. And then when they moved to Austin they hired a trans guy from Chicago and a Muslim woman from Miami. When they are so focused on being woke you know for sure that the writing is going to be terrible. Delete.

  3. good grief! has the Mouse infested another iconic franchise & destroyed it with a new Mary Sue?

    I’m so done w/ this shit

    & I mean this sincerely … Ho-Wood, go fuck yourself

  4. I stopped watching when they made “M” & “Q” chicks. Haven’t seen a Bond film since “The Living Daylights.”

    EVERYBODY AND HIS DAMN BROTHER KNOWS… that “Sherlock” was THE prequel to the next SUCCESSFUL “Bond” series. Benedict Cumberbatch as Bond – Mark Gatiss as “M” – & Martin Freeman as “Q.”

    It’s PERFECT casting, and the Bond folks are gonna #+<& it all up, with some politically-correct piece o' crap instead. 😡

  5. Progressivism destroys everything it touches. Progressivism is a philosophy of destruction, it is not in any way creative.

  6. I like strong male characters. I’m tired of 1980’s reboots where the guys are now gals. It messes with my childhood. I’m tired of girls kissing other girls and girls who talk like men.
    Hollywood and the left makes it very difficult to enjoy anything anymore.

  7. Barbara Broccoli and her halfwit half-brother Michael Wilson prove yet again that they hate the GOAT movie franchise they were gifted with and want to kill it off for all time.

  8. @Bob M – dude, gotta disagree on all three counts. That squinty-eyed poofter Cumbreath as Bond? NFW. Don’t have any candidates for Next Bond but the actor should be male, UK, late 20’s early 30’s so he can grow into the role, especially with the fuckups Wilson & Broccoli taking 3-4 years to grind out each movie.

    The Kraut dude as the current Blofeld is perfect.

    Ralph Fiennes as M is perfect. Ruthless and ironfisted.

    The current Q is okay. Your suggestion for Q is okay too. A nerdy fussbudget is called for in that role.

    I’m okay with the hot black chick as Moneypenny. Thank God they didn’t cast some goddam Punjab filthy Mohammedan savage in that role.

  9. Obama will play Bond: he’ll kill adversaries with recordings of his speeches, by driving them to shoot themselves.

  10. Nancy Pelosi as “M”
    Adam Schitt as Bond
    Nadler as Kato
    Waters as Schitt’s romantic interest
    Moose Obola as “The Enforcer”
    Barry Obola as the drug-addled fag informer by the Dumpster who’ll do ANYTHING for a cigarette

    Trump as Blofeld

    Bond, et al, try to defeat Blofeld and make the World safe for corruption.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. If the ‘world has moved’ on to females being in charge, then why can’t they invent their own characters? They’re better than us, right? So why take our characters? Could it be because women have ZERO ability to innovate? Year after year, women only get 3 to 7% of patents granted. So who needs to ‘stay in their lane’?

    They just follow the boys and try to be like us. It’s all they can do to simply prove that they can be like us. That’s success to them. Meanwhile, almost no one is being a woman these days. Being a woman is just as valuable as being a men but they’re too busy trying to be men so the void is killing our society.

  12. The real Bond would have expressed his disgust at the current PC BS, holstered his Walther for the last time, and retired to Jamaica with a hearty “I’m too old for this shit.”.

  13. Believe me, real women don’t like this crap. We are quietly leading our lives, but sometimes we have to scream to the vile feminazies, “Shut Up!”.

  14. This movie will break even, only if Sorass buys 10’s of thousands of dvd’s. No Bond lover would ever contribute to this bastardization, of a legend.

  15. do woke movies make money?

    they wouldn’t be made if they bombed at the box office would they?

    only if shown in airports like cnn?

  16. The massive corruption and spying on the good guys by the alphabet soups and companies have made all these movies unwatchable. Now throw in the woke movement I then despise them. Knowing that government agencies have influence over how these movies are written and portrayed as having themselves as heroes saving the day when in reality they are controlling people by mass media. It is all lies, why should I feed at that trough. It’s a battle for our minds.

  17. Spectre was the worst Bond movie ever and I don’t think I can forgive that.

    They stuck a power drill in Bond’s fucking skull and he didn’t even stop to put some Neosporin on it. The entire deus ex machina hinged on Bond waking up in the middle of the night to see a rat crawl into a hole in a wall that revealed a secret passage in a public hotel unseen for decades that explained you all you needed to know.

    Not to mention the scene where Bond takes down a moving helicopter from a moving speedboat with a .38 or 9mm. Not to mention sneaking on a secret meeting the world’s bad guys all talking openly about the laws they break and..AND..that not only did they know Bond was watching but that nobody disabled his car and let him get away.

    I wish he’d died after Skyfall than to see what Spectre was and that was after giving it another go after Quantum of Solace which was the biggest load of horseshit at the time. They’re stealing the world’s clean water!

    Now they’re going to give you Pussy Ga-Less, Double Ho 7.

  18. But, if real men must surrender to every screech of lesbians feminists, (hey MMA!, how you bin?), wouldn’t wymynx always win? What’s wrong with James Bond gettin reeurl?

  19. There is female secret agent resurrect Modesty Blaise from the 1960’s Instead of trying to make an Iconic Character a politically correct Shadow of the previous editions.

  20. WTF Craig? Why in the hell be part of this.

    I’ve been a huge Bond fan since I discovered him back in the late 50s. I think Craig’s Bond in Casino Royale was pitch perfect. Bond is an assassin and the years of him making snarky quips was a poor fit.

    Yeah the arc fell a bit in Quantum but the next 2 were pretty watchable and frankly, I was glad when Dench died, never bought her as M. Fiennes is another perfect casting choice but I’ll be skipping this one and any others with a female 007.

    When Fiennes lets Bond return, he says, “Don’t cock it up.” Looks like Babs wasn’t taking that to heart.


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