Ferguson Cop Who Justifiably Killed Michael Brown is Cleared – IOTW Report

Ferguson Cop Who Justifiably Killed Michael Brown is Cleared

Trending Politics: Do you remember the incident that propelled the “Black Lives Matter” movement to prominence? 

It was the Aug. 9, 2014, death of 18-year-old Ferguson, MO., resident Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by then-police officer Darren Wilson because he attacked the officer and attempted to steal his handgun.

You may recall the incident was one of many that the then-race baiter in chief, Barack Obama, and his radicalized Justice Department swooped in to politicize.  more

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  1. Kcir - (Trudeau, prime minister blackface 3 times)

    Thank God!

    Thank Justice!

  2. None of which negates the simple fact that his life was forever ruined, the job that he loved so much was stolen from him, and for the rest of his life he must remain in hiding for both his welfare and that of his family. Some justice.

  3. Oh man, whose statue is gonna pay the price for this?

  4. “Even though this and several other investigations showed that Wilson was justified in shooting Brown in self defence, we still have to wipe dog droppings on Wilson because we want to.”

  5. “Hands up – don’t shoot” – Biggest lie ever!

  6. Anonymous
    AUGUST 1, 2020 AT 3:36 PM
    ““Hands up – don’t shoot” – Biggest lie ever!”

    …no, “Obama” being American, being Christian, being legally President is the biggest lie ever.

    Followed by Islam is a religion of peace and isn’t at ALL trying to destroy us with a flood of Jihadi “refugees”.

    Followed by Russian Collusion.

    Followed by COVID 19 being anything more than a seasonal flu.

    Followed by pretending that Elijah Cummings, John Lewis, and any of the OTHER dead Democrats they used for political cheap shots at the President were anything but self-aggrandizing, divisive political hacks.

    Followed by pretending Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still alive.

    Followed by anything a Clinton says.

    Followed by Epstein killed himself.

    Followed by “Michelle” Obama is a woman.

    Followed by Joe Biden will ACTUALLY be their candidate.

    Followed by…well, there’s a LOT of lies and “Hands up, don’t shoot IS a BIG one, but there’s SO much and SO damaging of lies Democrats tell, that it may be just outside the Top 10…

  7. Those Lefty bastards just failed in the longest masturbatory hate fantasy in the history of lies.

  8. Am I wrong here? It seems the usual reaction when ever a white LEO kills a black guy.

    The response we see is for some people within the black community to respond by; immediately rioting, shooting several other black people, shoot or beat up a few people from other races, and destroy both public and private property in numerous cities across the country. Plus an increase of kneeling or other disrespectful actions during the national anthem at public events. A stupid, ignorant, immoral response imo, but it has sadly become the expected aftermath.

    It doesn’t matter if the LEO is either cleared or charged with murder, depending on whether the finding from the investigation into the event found the shooting was justified or unjustified murder.

    The year in 2028 and Liberal-Socialist Democrats seeking increased Black voter support, have appointed former BLM leader as the Special counsel to investigate Officer Wilson like was previously done.

    The House Democrat Leaders spokesman privately added to their well paid press & media corps. That they don’t expect any different results than the previous investigations. But will anonymously and randomly leak well created and creditable investigation memo’s to keep the narrative alive until election time. The expected result will be a Net Gain of between 12% and 14% of the Black voters and 18 to 21% Net Gain of peer pressured 18-25 years students. Which normally shift to supporting the Old White Liberal-Socialist Democrat running for office. So as to demonstrate Black Unity support and/or express their White guilt publicly to fellow Social Media followers to see and read.

  10. “Racial upheaval and riots break out in Ferguson, news at 10:00”

  11. Notice once again that it was an african prosecutor that reopened the case! Africans have been demanding that they run this country but you see how racist, bigoted and segregationist they are. Only african lives matter to them and they are not in the business of giving you equal rights or concern!

  12. Policeman needs to call Nick Sandman’s attorney. Most of the MSM deserves to be sued out of existence for all their lies. They knew the cop was innocent but kept up the lie. Look at all the damage done to our country the last 4 months because of the BLM lie.

  13. What are we going to do tonight Brain?
    The same thing we do every night Pinky. We riot!!

  14. New slogan: charge the po-po; get the pow-pow.

  15. This is great news! The weird thing is that I live in St. Louis and not much was said on the local news. There was a small uprising in Ferguson but the police nipped it in the bud quickly!

  16. The prosecutor Wesley Bell said that just because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the officer with murder doesn’t mean he was innocent. Bell is a race baiting piece of shit who was put into office by George Soros (along with a number of other city/county prosecutors that bastard has installed with his wallet). If Soros and his sons along with about 20 other large wallet lefties woke up dead (from an attack of conscience no doubt) some morning the temperature in the US would drop almost overnight and the bottom would fall out of BLM, Antifa and all the rest of the progs bent on civil war.

  17. Racial upheaval and riots Mostly peaceful protests break out in Ferguson, news at 10:00”

    …. fixed it

  18. “Justice delayed is Justice denied.”
    “A lie gets half-way round the World before Truth gets his boots on.”

    The power of propaganda, folks.
    Nobody even remembers that Fat Albert look-a-like or why he died.
    Just like what’s-his-name is fading from memory.

    Black lives don’t matter – people don’t matter – only the movement matters.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. Wilson should have never resigned if he had remained he would have collected his pay until retirement by sitting at a desk.

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