Ferguson Mayor: Media Ignoring How Protesters Aren’t Local, Or Working for Free


The newspaper The Hill reports that the mayor of Ferguson, James Knowles III, charged on Sunday that violent protesters in his community are arriving from out of town and getting paid. It’s not what you would call “grass roots” unrest.

“They’ve been openly raising money and distributing money for some time,” Knowles told radio host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York. “The mainstream media continues mostly to ignore this fact,” he added. “It’s unbelievable what we’ve seen.”


7 Comments on Ferguson Mayor: Media Ignoring How Protesters Aren’t Local, Or Working for Free


    Let it “slip” to the media that you have a few “changes” to police procedures, yada, yada, yada. Say nothing about the protesters. Whatever. Just get the scum in the progressive press to show up and broadcast the presser live.

    Then rip them a new one with how the “protesters” are paid liberal socialist hacks from out of town. Give proof. Make the liars in the progressive press work FOR you.

  2. Fat ass bitch thinks communism is the answer? Fine. Send her dumb ass to Cuba. See how well she likes going to work for a couple cents an hour, rationing, scarce utilities, no welfare, friends disappearing, and zero tolerance for protesting.

  3. James, you’re just figuring that out now? Any normal thinking person knew that was coming the second the media started “reporting” their agenda. The instant Sharpton or Jackson are involved, the paid protestors are not far behind them, in the buses following them into town. You know the ones that already have pre-printed signs that usually say “world workers party” or some other Communist group name attached.

    News flash, there is no grassroot regressive groups. They all paid protestors and/or union thugs.

  4. @ Right Winger – BINGO! All Leftist movements are pure Astroturf.
    They are a total opposite of true grassroots. All Leftists are Lemmings – they don’t move a muscle unless they are told how to think and how to act by their puppetmasters like Soros and other leftwing elitist scum.

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