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Fetterman and the Stolen Valor of the Working Class

American Spectator: The word “authenticity” is having a moment. In the context of product marketing and prominent consumer brands, one sees countless references to the criticality of purpose-driven marketing and the necessity of brands being perceived as authentic to garner the loyalty of (and dollars spent by) Gen Zers and younger millennials.

So it is with political marketing. Whether on behalf of political parties, campaigns, or specific candidates, political advertising and retail campaigning are imbued with messages reinforcing the relatability of the “product” — of which authenticity forms a considerable part.

President Joe Biden’s regular trips for ice cream as he travels the country, and the endless examples each election cycle of political candidates visiting with “regular folks” at truck stops and diners, all seek to create a connection with voters beyond that of “I support ‘x’ policy, so please support me.” They are a fixture of the political landscape.

These efforts at authenticity are not without peril. I’m old enough to remember George H.W. Bush asking for a “splash of coffee” at a New Hampshire truck stop while running for president in 1988, inadvertently betraying his Connecticut WASP lineage. Given his penchant for the occasional malapropism, who could have blamed Democrats for seizing on a background replete with privilege, with Ann Richards (then treasurer of Texas) noting that “[George] can’t help it; he was born with a silver foot in his mouth”?

All of which brings us to the shape-shifting John Fetterman.

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  1. He is not one bit less authentic than the Democrat or establishment Republican of your choice. Some do a better job of covering it and hiding it from the less intelligent and observant than others. The bottom line though is this ass clown is not an outlier in Washington DC and many State and local governments.

  2. What I am getting at is that to focus on such a spectacle is exactly why The Party prefers to have the focus on these examples and not on them.

    Ignoring fucksticks like this pathetic example and focusing on what the likes of Ryan, McConnell and McCarthy are colluding with their dear friends across the aisle to implement against the American people is what they fear and exactly what the focus should be on.

  3. Again as a Pennsylvanian I apologize that this puppet (like his brother Pinocchio) is not a real anything with a silver spoon stuck up his ass is one of our senators.

    He is certainly not a blue collar anything having experience only in “community organizing” and having only a piss poor carpet bagging Muslim for an opponent.

    Letterman comes off just illegitimate as his new daddy, Joey B.


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