Fever Maps Give Preliminary Indication, Lock Down Is Working

Bill Whittle took notice of an interesting feature of Kinsa’s smart thermometer. The company’s high tech instrument not only takes a person’s temperature, it also reports results back to the firm, where they shares the aggregate information back with the public. This provides a longitudinal reading of how the nation has faired with the CCP flu outbreak. Here

Looking at the latest “US health weather maps,” Whittle observed what might prove to be a game changing shift in the number of individuals catching the Wu flu after the lock down. Basically, there are a lot fewer fevers out there, even fewer than average. This suggest that not only has the shut down reduced the spread of Kong flu, but may also be curtailing this year’s influenza strain.

Bill Whittle explains Here

6 Comments on Fever Maps Give Preliminary Indication, Lock Down Is Working

  1. No one will be allowed to be sick any more. Gotta put you down if you sprain that ankle, Mr Plough Horsey

  2. It’s going to jump back up. Wake up: this is germ warfare, and it ain’t going away – not with our media in the Chi-comm’s pocket.

  3. As soon as we get sloppy it will return. I have to wonder how NYC folks will ever become trusting again or should they. And really, do we trust government numbers???

  4. I wonder how the factor in and allow for the fact that spring is here with warmer weather and the cold/flu/etc. season is going away and there would be fewer people with some degree of fever expected anyway>

    Science isn’t science unless all factors are calculated into it.

  5. This means that they will shut down the economy EVERY flu season FROM NOW ON. Thousands of lives will be saved each year, but millions will rot in poverty.

  6. i might have to get one of them spying thermomonometers just to mess with them…..my normal temp is 97.1……

    i hope it says on the packaging that the thing reports your numbers …..somehow doubt it, tho….


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