Fight House Arrest Boredom, Adopt A Pet

I guess in order to get the free beer, you will have to foster or adopt a dog. For Busch Light? Maybe you can refuse the beer.

Here is the link.

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  1. @stirrin the pot – hmmm, thanks for the reminder think I’ll go and get a couple of ‘oil cans’ now!

    Great beer…

    @C – I would have to check first with the current four legged residents! AND we have enough to feed as it is…

  2. Hey Miss C. is it not about time for a game also.
    Where is Mr. Hat let him know if you would be so kind. Thanks.
    We are full up on pets. Lots of people are doing this.

  3. I have adopted five dogs over my time,they are all old large dogs, no one wants them i call them death row dogs, all have been very loving animals some only live a couple years some much longer yet they deserve a loving home in their twilight years.


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