Fight the Power?

The body of noted Ferguson protest leader and outspoken critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, Darren Seals, was found in a burned out car early yesterday morning in the Riverview neighborhood of St. Louis.

Seals had suffered a gunshot wound.


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  1. Hmm, I guess the BLM extortion money is starting to serious. Adios Darren, guess you picked the wrong side of the rabble rousers. Read what appears to be the newspaper story. They describe the Ferguson shooting as a young unarmed black man shot by a white police office. That’s it, no backstory, no full truth about the young black huge criminal who was trying to kill the cop. Amazing what passes as journalism today.

  2. “Seals was extremely vocal about issues surrounding Brown’s death…”

    Does this mean he was repeating the lies that spread like wildfire after the shooting?

  3. Infighting over his “mines” piece of the 100 million in extortion and bribes that Black Lies Murder is now worth. Whos in charge of the money?? poor Mr. Seals asked….

  4. Wow. Black lives don’t matter to other blacks.
    Who’d a thunk it?
    I’m “shocked! SHOCKED!, I tell ya.

  5. Exactly the same way DeAndre Joshua was murdered. He testified to the grand jury, and it was rumored he told the truth about Mike Brown’s thuggery, as well as confirming “hands up don’t shoot” never happened.

    So who’s getting the bucks for cleaning up the inconvenient black people? And who’s paying for it?

  6. Somebody Cowboyed this guy to send a message. The mob used to do the same thing, except they would make sure they took out a couple of bystanders just to underline how unhappy they were.

    This guy was a local, and the movement was taken over by the brothers outa Oakland a long time ago. He was clearly out of his league, was too idealistic to realize it, & wouldn’t shut up.

    Now he’s rare BBQ.

  7. Right, as if this wasn’t an inside job. You can be your own Che Guevara. But if you know a bit too much, corrections will be made.

    “So I…corrected them…”

  8. I find his death truly sad, its really tragic and I will join what I guess will be many to mourn his passing….na..just kidding

  9. so… ill-educated young black man realizes the BLM people are scamming the country and raking in the big bucks….he decides to take a public position AGAINST these BLM people, and gets found roasting in a burning car…..and yall are all cool with that????…..some of you are even CELEBRATING that?…

    perhaps this might be part of the reason black people think they are on their own, without allies, and better damn well KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT……lest they be found roasting in a burning car, with no one to stand up for them, either……

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