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Fighting back against Islamic teachings in school curriculum

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  1. The story in Walton County, GA has become a finger pointing exercise among the bureaucrats. The local teachers are blaming it on the state curriculum while the State bureaucracy is claiming that how the curriculum is taught is up to the local teachers.

    The Judeo / Christian perspective is a valid subject because western law and morality descend directly from Biblical law. I think any positive references or attempts to teach the “basics” of islam (other than islam has no place whatsoever in America) to K-12 students should be forbidden at the federal and state levels because islam has no positive historic relevance to America or Western Civilization – only negative impacts. .

  2. Name the Five Pillars of Islam?

    1) Ass raping children.
    2) Screwing goats and/or sheep.
    3) Murdering people.
    4) Playing the victim card.
    5) Murdering more people.

  3. I am ready to fight.
    I am ready to burn this shit down.
    The popularity of Donald Trump tells me that I am not alone.
    I am very willing to do what ever it takes to preserve our true freedom.
    This isn’t just rhetoric, I am indeed ready to burn it down.
    You fuckers that submit to islam, they won’t kill you last, we will kill you first, because you are in the way you ignorant son of a bitches.

  4. Once again we have a controversy over unidentifiable school materials. To mount effective opposition, we need to know the specific names of the textbook or program, and of the publisher.

  5. My daughter is currently learning about Pisslam in social studies. I’ve challenged her to bring up child rape, FGM, women’s rights, fàg lives and raped goats in class. So far I haven’t gotten a call from the school, but at least she knows why we’re not Pisslamic.

  6. After the bullshit 2nd amendment rewrite, and having advance notice that this Muslim exercise is going out to TN schools, I’ve prepared our response in advance. The kids are prepared to bring it to DEFCON 5 in the classroom as loudly as possible, request to be excused to principal’s office to call me so I can come in STAT.

    If it’s not discussed in the classroom, our homework assignment is already done in advance.

    Bring it.

  7. Old Oaks- we’re typing at the same time. Can also send in the compilation of terrorist attacks done in the name of Aloha Snackbar… or the compare and contrast of the crusades with Muslim conquests for the apologists….

  8. Isn’t there suppose to be separation of ‘Church and State’?
    That’s the reason PROGGYS give when anyone even mentions Christianity in School. Even a ‘Bless you!’ after someone sneezes gets you a trip to the Principals’ office.

  9. LBS, I love you man. And I also believe we are LEGION.

    With each successive obamatastic change, it is becoming clear what is at stake here.

  10. Nonsense. The five pillars of Islam (as practiced) are;

    1) Lying to ‘Infidels’

    2) Murdering those infidels that you can.

    3) Whining if anyone makes a move to kill you back

    4) Chattel Slavery

    5) Perpetuating myths about the Jews that even European Neo-Nazis are too sophisticated to buy into.

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