Figures- Suspected Murderer survives being run over by police cruiser


Adam Kenneth Nolin, 33,  was charged in the hospital Friday with two counts of assault with intent to murder, one count of fleeing and eluding and weapons charges. The newly released image shows a bloodied and battered Nolin. The injuries were likely sustained when he was struck by an officer’s cruiser on Northbound US-131 in Downtown Grand Rapids. Police say Nolin had been firing a gun towards officers at the time. He was later hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

Nolin is accused of killing Tia Randall, a mother of two, before the pursuit and capture.

Wanna see him run over? It’s not as good knowing he lived.


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  1. Damn it! This is why more funding is needed for defensive driving techniques. It costs less to end it then as it will to incarcerate. Add your support at F’themup.gofundme,,,

  2. No disrespect meant, but upside, so is Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Might want to update your thoughts and considerations,,Chevy Chase is short timing too.

  3. Franco American makes Spaghetti O’s. All McCain ever made was a mutually beneficial pact with the north Vietnamese.

    Look at that video. Aren’t you just the teensiest bit let down by the laws of physics?

    I bet if that cop car had Flintstone wheels we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  4. should’a thrown it in reverse & backed back up … know what I’m sayin’?

    in the immortal words of WC Fields “Is this your basketball? I seem to run over it … several times”


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