Fill In The Blanks

The left of the Twitterverse anxiously scanned the sentencing memo on retired general Michael Flynn last night only to find their dreams of impeachment hidden under line after line of redacted text. Surprisingly, many took the lack of revelations with a sense of humor and started a popular meme of creating their own redactions. Here

5 Comments on Fill In The Blanks

  1. It’s not redactions, it’s NPC barcode…scanning….scanning……….compiling…….result: ORANGE MAN JAIL

  2. “The defendant has assisted in several investigations….
    Begin redact:

    In 1993, Trump was on record that he preferred Pepsi. It has since been proven he drinks Diet Coke.

    In 1955, Trump, aged 9, received $1.80 in incorrect change at the grocery store. The grocery clerk has since passed away, but her granddaughter has attested to this.

    I imagine the impending charges just get worse.


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