Sundance- “Final Thoughts on Nikki Haley”

Conservative Treehouse: In the grand scheme of things, the move of U.N. Secretary Nikki Haley to resign is a typical move of a professional politician on the establishment side of the GOPe political continuum.

Ms. Haley comes from the political house of Bush; hence the original Rubio support in 2016 etc. She is a political animal from the establishment wing.

Within the traditional political class the customary approach to a White House run is to gain about five years of wealth in advance of a presidential run. Haley would be following a wealth process for a 2024 presidential run.

During this wealth accumulation period the cocktail party circuit (the billionaire crowd) will front-load wealth, purchase homes and all expenses etc, for the future candidate. This ‘Five Year Plan‘ was the same historic approach done for Ronald Reagan.

With a candidate in the private sector, the professional donor-class make investments in the candidate while it is legal to do so. The investments are made in anticipation of future influence.  This is simply how money influences politics.

With the “Me Too” movement in high political value, the currency of Nikki Haley, as an investment candidate, is at the apex.  Haley checks the right boxes; she is making a predictable move to capitalize on that process, politics and timeliness.

The U.N., as an institution, is also in alignment with the high-brow Prescott Bush clan. Ms. Nikki Haley is regarded by this clan as a very valuable commodity. If they can’t get Jeb, or another Bush (ie. Rubio) over the finish line, they will be much better positioned with investments in Nikki Haley.  more

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  1. We ‘vulgars’ just don’t have a chance against the political aristocracy, do we? Damn political elitists. They all run the con game on voters.

    The republicans are just more passive-pro/ag-gressive, They are riding high thinking we voters are finally behind them. I hope MAGA candidates replace incumbent bastards of either party next month.

  2. With more people WOKE does the GOPe really want to try this again? Nikki Haley’s parents were citizens of India when she was born. She is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and she very well knows it. So much for integrity.

  3. I never forgave her for that cave on the S. Carolina flag. It was chickenshit pandering to the radicals pushing the racist narrative. No different than tearing down statues.

  4. Haley taking down the flag was her opportunity to educate the masses on who thought it was a great idea to put it up there in the first place. She missed that opportunity.

  5. People evolve. Haley did a right fine job at the UN. The future?

    I would like to think that Haley has a broader understanding of the world than she did four years ago. She is not dumb.

    I resent the “people who will never forgive — or forget.”
    ….Lady in Red

  6. Only know of her standing before the UN and during that time, basically saying the UNITED STATES will no longer be the gracious host for you ungrateful 3rd world shit holes demanding a hand-out. She did it properly and forcibly enough to get the message across unlike the ass kissing previous puppets of the past. Best to you, Nikki and thanks for your resolve on behalf of our nation.

  7. We must all thank Nikki Haley for her patriotic service. She proved to #NeverTrump’ers that The Donald wouldn’t always do the wrong thing.

  8. organgrinder: A flag put up there by segregationist and klan sympathizer Ernest Hollings……..? ‘Bout time it was done!

  9. Without the Constitution in 2024, everyone and his brother will be eligible to be elected President of WhatIsLeft of the United States.

    Ruler of Ruins.

  10. “I resent the people who will never forgive — or forget.
    ….Lady in Red”

    God will neither forgive nor forget those who refuse to repent of murdering their own children and those who applaud them. Someday you’ll hear that directly from Him.

  11. There were some things with Haley that I didn’t agree with like many of you here….immigration, folding under pressure with the flag at the capital, etc.
    But the work she did as our UN ambassador was amazing in calling out evil, hypocrisy, and corruption. The bold voice at the UN fighting for our principals was awesome and needed for a long time. I just hope the next one that Trump selects does the same thing. I may not agree with her on somethings but she was great at this position and I wish she wasn’t leaving that post.

  12. > @Ineligible October 10, 2018 at 3:11 am
    > She is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and she very well knows it. So much for integrity.

    > @B. Hussein Obama October 10, 2018 at 4:15 am
    > @Ineligible: “BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA…!!!”

    Xe swore a solemn oath of obeisance to The Party. Integrity?

    BWAA… no. It’s wrong to laugh at the differently nAbled.

  13. Sundance is not impugning her work at the UN. He is just letting us know that ignoring the warning signs could bring trouble. By 2024, we will have gained so much, that the possibility of going back would break our hearts.

  14. Grool is such an interesting man, hiding in shadows, wringing his hands, checking his book of folk who are evil.

    Fur et al may be lucky to have a person of his talents, as it were. Or not.
    ..Lady in Red

  15. She did a fair job at the UN because she did EXACTLY what Trump told her to do. Even after she fucked her own stat and the rest of the nation by caving to the commie fucks on the Stars and Bars Flag and next thing you know the commie bastards are tearing down our past!


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