BREAKING: Patriots Have Had Enough…. California Community Blocks Busses of Illegal Aliens – Standoff Carried Live On Local TV…


“Several buses transporting undocumented immigrants to a Border Patrol station In Murrieta, California, Tuesday were turned back after angry protestors blocked the road to their intended destination.
Photographs posted on social media by local reporters show dozens of protestors surrounded the buses heading to a new processing facility set up by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Murrieta station to deal with an influx of migrants from Central America.
The protestors were carrying American flags and signs with messages such as “Return to sender” and “Bus illegal children to the White House.” Others called on Border Patrol to protect the border instead of looking after detained migrants.”



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  1. This whole thing is disgusting. “Undocumented immigrants” my ass. I am very glad to see Americans pushing back.

  2. Hopefully Texas is paying attention. Good thing they didn’t try and send them to Northern Cali. Shit would have gotten real.

    Good job Mary.

  3. I had to leave Orange County because of illegal aliens. It was a nightmare. I never want to live close to the border again. The gubmint doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the carnage these third world losers wreak.

  4. We know it’s you Brad. Your writing is easy to spot.
    Cali? That’s Brad.
    I was hoping you were there Brad.

  5. California’s chalked full of little grey haired Tea Party members. Warning to Feds. Don’t fuck with them.

  6. If I were still driving for Big Internationally Owned Motorcoach Line that has the FEMA contract there, I could definitely help with the cause, but I’ve gotta say this is one thing I do NOT miss living in TX.

    There are BP/ICE checkpoints coming out of Del Rio/Eagle Pass, Laredo & El Paso, and I’ve been held up there by just one person who didn’t have their paperwork lined up, or the dogs alerted on something in baggage. What. The. Hell. Are they doing now? Just waving buses through? I wonder how long it will be before one of those very nice DHS (looked like J-Models) buses are hijacked.

  7. Just came to light that HHS is sending some of these “children” here to Alabama. We have a former post (Ft. McClellan) in Anniston that now is home for the CDP (Center for Domestic Preparedness). A lot of the post is now privatized but the illegals are going to be housed (warehoused) where there are biochemical weapons used for training. Mike Rogers ®–their representative was told in an email.
    Except for California, there are a lot of Red states that are being used. Makes me think of that song–Don’t it make your red state blue?

  8. I simply cannot believe the media is downplaying the fact that these Leftists are so callously using children as tools to further their agenda!!
    They would be screaming bloody murder if Conservatives did such a thing and rightfully so!

  9. And now these videos will live forever in our children’s classrooms showing how hateful and intolerant America is.

    My question is, how hateful are the Mexican president, mayors, policia, and citizens of all the communities that those kids passed through on the way to the US? FU Mexico and FU Obama and lackies.

  10. I’m re-posting this Comment from the inimitable F.D.R.:

    F.D.R. in Hell (@FDRinHell) says:
    July 1, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    “I recommend they go to Martha’s Vineyard and set up tents to greet The Worst Family on their vacation next month.
    Carly Simon can serenade them with her tunes, while Valerie Jarrett treats all of them to an authentic Cape Cod Clam Bake.
    If they need maps to the homes in Oak Bluffs, Teddy Kennedy can post them online. A virulent strain of Swine Flu might be a perfect finish to the Perfect Summer on the Vineyard.
    Bon appétit !! bil hana wish shifa’ !!”

    Well done, sir!

  11. The Dicktater bypasses congress with his pen and his phone, and now the people take it upon themselves to stop what their representatives will not stop.

    It’s official, the United States Congress is totally irrelevant. They do nothinf but sit in the middle and collect a paycheck and a pension. Get rid of them all.

  12. About time. Texas, California and Arizona are just a few ground zero states targeted by Barry’s Operation: Illegal Alien Invasion. Good to see some citizens in those states are fed up.
    Hope these cities and towns standing up for their rights are prepared for the Regime’s push back.

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