Finally, A Nation Allows Cultivation of Vitamin A-Infused “Golden Rice”

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GOLDEN RICE has received a biosafety permit for the planting of the genetically modified grain seeds for commercial production, the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) said.  

The permit, which attests that the Vitamin A-infused rice has passed the biosafety standards of five departments including the Department of Agriculture, was issued on July 21. 

PhilRice Executive Director John C. De Leon was quoted as saying in the statement that the permit allows Golden Rice seeds to be “planted for commercial production.”  More

Beta carotene hybrid rice was created over decades to save hundreds of millions of people in nations dependent on a rice diet that lacks vitamin A. We’re talking 500,000 cases of childhood blindness and millions of more of xerophthalmia (the inability to produce tears).

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  1. Golden rice is just another ongoing grift from the “biotech” industry just like the other GMO “food” products. Being a GMO allows the company that owns the technology to patent almost the entirety of the genetic code of an existing plant by manipulating a small amount of the DNA. They then sue growers whose products have been contaminated by the GMO product for patent infringement (which is a small but important part of the protecting the grift).

    The synthetically produced beta carotene in golden rice exists in such small amounts that one would have to eat several times the normal amounts of rice to see even a slight increase in vitamin A in the body. There is also no way to ensure consistent amounts of this specific vitamin is produced in the rice.

    There are better, cheaper ways of getting adequate vitamin A (or its precursor beta carotene) into the diets of peoples that need have deficiencies than wide scale production of a GMO that will likely cause more harm than good in the overall scheme of things.

  2. Expanding the customer base for big pharma – GMO food that is undoubtedly going to require a lot of Glyphosate/Round Up as all GMOs do and both cause tumors and cancer. Synthetic solutions are never better than nature.

    I hope to be able to buy Golden Rice locally.
    I remember a long time ago when this was developed.
    I also remember many corporations fighting to keep it off the market

  4. Eat natural whenever possible. They’re poisoning all of us with their additives and hormones and “genetically-modified” food just as they’ve murdered half of this nation and the world with the vaccine when everything’s said and done.

  5. From what I’ve read today both the US and Canada have approved golden rice, but we don’t have a problem with vitamin A deficiency. Add the resistance to GMO and there is probably no incentive for rice farmers here to take risk it.

  6. Bill Gates was a big proponent of this frankenrice product.
    His face deserves a Golden Shower or three or four or more.


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