FINALLY – All Moved In

We finally made it! Got all the rest of our furniture, boxes, etc. in our house on Saturday. My two sisters and I are now in the process of unpacking boxes, sorting stuff from junk and setting up what goes where. Much purging will be happening to fit three households into our small home!

Even though the house is small, the property is terrific. We have 12.5 acres with two barns, a chicken coop, and storage shed next to a fenced in area which we will use as our vegetable garden (the only sunny part of the lawn!). The acreage is broken up into lawn, mature woods, prairie and a little pond. We got everything we wanted with the property when we started talking about moving 4 years ago.

Yard: 1.5 acres with lots of large mature trees, mostly Oak and Maple. Some nice landscaping is included which will be embellished by us in the next few years (for less lawn to mow!).

Woods: 5 acres of beautiful woods. We will be making hiking trails throughout our property. The woods have lots hills, so we will be getting great workouts!

Yard and Woods

Prairie and Pond: 6 acres. We are excited to see what’s in it this spring, as all we can see this fall are ragweed (almost as tall as me!). Part of the prairie will become a small orchard – a few fruit trees and berry bushes.

We know the pond has fish and is connected to the water system. We have lots of ‘Spring Peepers’ because we find them hopping all around in the yard!

Prairie and Pond

One of the most delightful aspects of living with my sisters is that I now have three kitties living with me! After I lost my last kitty, Zoe, I didn’t get another cat because I knew that we were going to move. I took the last picture below on the third night we were in the house. I was reading in bed before retiring for the night, and was enjoying the companionship of (from bottom to top) Sammy, Pistol and Whiskers. They make me smile!

Spring Peeper and Kitties

We only moved 5 miles from where we were living on the other side of town (see, it IS a tiny town – population 7,500). I’m glad we didn’t move closer to a major MI city like we had planned. I have come to really like my little town. Lots of real people who are mostly conservative. My favorite restaurant is a local hang-out for lots of veterans and retirees. I feel right at home even though I never served nor am I officially retired. I’m also pleased that I don’t have to find another church, as I’m very happy with my Bible believing/teaching church.

Well, back to unpacking the boxes!

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  1. Claudia,
    Can I come up for the summers & camp out in one of the barns, so I can go fishing in your pond? Also don’t forget to tap those Maple trees (if they’re the right type) for sap to boil down to make Maple Syrup. YUM YUM!!!!!

    Glad you’re getting moved in & things settled.

  2. Sounds like a great place. Hope the soils a little sandy for your berry bushes. Those out buildings could make great she sheds. You’re living the life now. Got a woodburner in the house?

  3. Home sweet Home. How sweet it is.
    Sunday critters are going to be cats in the barn plus cows.chickens,goats,and Miss C. Feeding them and mucking out the barn. What a great homestead.

  4. How exciting! So happy for you. LOVE all that beautiful land, so much potential. Swami doesn’t see any boring days in your future. Best of luck. JRB

  5. Oh, Claudia! I am so happy for you! What a beautiful haven for you and your sisters. It sounds like you got everything you wanted, and YOU DESERVE THAT! 🙂 <3

  6. Blueberries and strawberries, Claudia. Apples, pie cherries, pears, boysenberries. Spinach, romaine, beets, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, butternut. Basil, oregano, dill. rosemary. Chickens (hens). Rabbits (optional).

    Turn your soil this fall before the frost!

  7. After seeing your perfect spot in the world I thought of Little House on the Prairie with how you described it and what your plans were for the future. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote,“Home is the nicest word there is.”

    Congratulations Claudia! 🏡👏🌸

  8. May all who come across your door find peace and happiness and may your land care for you as you care for it.

  9. Love the pictures and the description and I am thrilled for you and your new life. May you and your sisters be blessed.

  10. Claudia,
    Congratulations on finding such a beautiful spot. May you and your sisters share many, many, happy years enjoying your new home.

  11. Awesome..congrats to you.. I’ve discovered over the decades..”less is more” is an advantage.., these safe out there, as you are You’re your own ‘first responder’..

  12. Claudia, What a lovely place! Congrats on your successful move to a dream home. May you and yours continue to be blessed.

  13. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words! I never really expected to find such a beautiful piece of property (I thought we were being too greedy by wanting 10 acres), yet I trusted that God would find us just what we needed. And he did. I’m home.

  14. Jimmy, we almost had to consider a 60 ft antenna for internet, but finally found a provider to give us service. Never tried Ham radio but I bet it’s entertaining.

    Oh, BTW, we aren’t going to turn over the garden. We are going to use the “Back to Eden” method.

  15. My grandfather grew up near Lansing and later attended Adrian College. He used to tell stories of walking two miles to school in snow shoes with 3-4 feet of snow on the ground. All the kids had snow shoes back then. He grew up on a farm and was put to work at age 11 and later claimed it stunted his growth. But he was 5’11” so I never quite believed that one. Football half back, drop kicker, sprinter (10-flat @100)… strong as an ox with a green thumb, some of which I inherited, I think. Think of him every day.

  16. Enter Claudia’s (and sistas) Castle,

    It’s a Wonderful Life, Housewarming:

    (note the Martinis’ bless themselves…)

    Late to the PARTY, congrats C and may God bless you and your family (and that includes, of course, the CRITTERS both in that house, now and future, and the ones you will see out THERE!).

    Looking forward to the ‘Sunday Posts from the North Country New Bunker’.


  17. Yay for you and the sistahs! And the kitties! Natural beauty and private property are good for the soul. Wishing y’all a happily ever after.

  18. Congrats times three!

    Someone mentioned cows. Don’t do it! Being a nursemaid to them twice a day, seven days a week, can be a real pain in the ass.

  19. Congrats!

    Lay up a 50# bag of black-oil sunflower seeds for the coons.
    (that’ll last a week or two – OH! – “black” oil and “coons” ain’t racist)
    The deer seem to enjoy whole corn.
    Squirrels aren’t too particular.

    I’m sure you’re gonna love it.


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