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Finding Faith Amid the Growing Migrant Crisis

With so much news about the surging migrant situation in this country and the controversy surrounding migrants being bused to blue states, you may ask, “Where is faith in all of this?”

A Californian Conservative Pastor speaks up.


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  1. So now I know what he looks like. Love this guy. Hear his sermons almost every day. 100.7 in the Dallas area also has many other good pastors on air.

  2. “Our God is a God of order.”

    Excellent message for border control.

    God establishes governments. He is in control of who leads countries for his reasons. In Old Testament scripture, God used evil rulers to bring Israel back to him.

    He does the same now. We let the evil kick God out of our government, schools, entertainment and society in general. Then we allowed abortion to flourish. With the reversal of Roe v Wade, I think we have a chance to ask God to turn our nation around.

  3. So many people that can’t find the faith – it’s inside of you, or it’s not.
    That’s all.

  4. Jack Hibbs is the best. He says what needs to be said today. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Chino’s got it after all.

  5. Good overview by this excellent conservative pastor concerning borders, which is a God idea. He also supports President Trump’s way to process illegals.

    Biden and his evil band of commie comrades are doing everything to erode our sovereignty. That needs to always be noted.

    Also, Newsmax “migrant” leftist narrative is extremely annoying and intentional. Technically the ILLEGAL ALIENS are migrating as criminals invading The United States of America.

    Newsmax is attempting to gaslight conservatives into believing they’re narrow minded, heartless bullies for hating Biden’s planned border disaster.
    Wow, lots of these conservative leaning media outlets cave to the left way too much.

  6. “Newsmax is attempting to gaslight conservatives”

    YEA, well their founder was a MAJOR donor to the Clinton Foundation. Easy to verify. Fox and Newsmax are nothing more than a Biz plan to make money. That’s it, end of story. The only true conservative news network is OAN. And you need to stream them because the communists booted them off the airwaves. Are we seeing what’s going on yet?

  7. I like OAN. Fox, Newsmax really suck. Breitbart falls down alot, too.
    Real conservatives don’t have much to choose from when it comes to large media outlets.

  8. 99th

    Like FOX Newsmax has a handful of ultra conservative personalities. FOX has Tucker, etc, Newsmax has Carl Higbie. Ex warrior. Some what rough around the edges. I’m not sure you or AA would approve.

  9. Brad, you’re right, there are exceptions to the rule with conservative commentary. A handful of good ones like Tucker from establishment media are worth the listen.

    BTW, Too funny you think as a Christian I’m prudish. I know you don’t mean any harm with that assumption. You’re just being respectful.
    I was something else before I accepted a new life in Christ.
    As a person, I will always have to deal with people from all walks of life – good and bad. I don’t freak out about cussing and strong opinions.
    It’s just now I have love, hope, joy and stability I never had before thanks to God.
    There I go preaching again. My point – I listened to “salty” commentators with no problem.


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