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Fine Dining Establishments In Chicago Charging $100 Minimum Per Person

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This is insanity, driving local public outrage and vows to avoid these establishments: high-end restaurants in Chicago are still blaming COVID social distancing polices for a strictly enforced policy of a $100 minimum for each person to dine.

“A Chicago man was outraged when he was faced with a minimum payment to eat at a restaurant, and he thinks the rule should go away now that the city is opening back up,” a local CBS affiliate reports. But the rule isn’t going away, many restaurants say while claiming the continued requirement is toward ensuring operations are in line with COVID-related health and distancing measures. More

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  1. Free markets have buyers and sellers. Prices are determined by how much a buyer wants to pay versus how much a seller is willing to accept for whatever it is being bargained for.

    I have no objection to Chicago restaurateurs charging a minimum amount per person.

    Likewise, I have no objection to any prospective diner’s decision not to pay it.

  2. If people don’t want to pay don’t go.
    The restaurants need to stop lying and give up the covid excuse.

  3. Do security guards come with every table? Who will escort you to and from your car? That might make the high cost worth it…

  4. meh. People don’t go to fancy restaurants for a salad and a glass of ice water anyway. The $100 minimum is just a cover charge to keep out the deadbeats.

  5. Used to dine at the Hamburger Hamlet and the Italian Village back in the day. I wonder if they are still in my budget range or if they even still exist. Ah, Chicago memories, I fear they have not changed for the better.

  6. Considering that 2 Whoppers (with bacon and cheese) and fries is about $20 that doesn’t seem extravagant to me.

    But I wouldn’t eat in their prissy joint, anyway.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Hardly news…
    The prices in shitcago reflect the corruption they voted for.
    Hell, a drive thru burger will cost you your first born.. Bang

  8. I’ve been told by people living in Chicago that restaurants started this policy when many patrons, believing they were entitled, came in ate the food then refused to pay.

  9. I have great memories of Chicago. It was once a safer, beautiful city. Do not plan on returning, even when I fly into O’Hare Airport to visit friends. Beetle juice Lightfoot is working very hard to ruin the city. Now she has even more help with $100.00 minimum restaurants.

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