Finger-wagging Maxine Waters rages as she rallies protesters in DC: ‘To hell with the Supreme Court!’ – IOTW Report

Finger-wagging Maxine Waters rages as she rallies protesters in DC: ‘To hell with the Supreme Court!’

BPR: California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters may be 83 years old, but when it comes to inciting violence, she’s as spry as a hate-filled chicken in spring. It took the octogenarian just a few hours to tell anyone who would listen to “defy the Supreme Court” after SCOTUS released its highly anticipated decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“They ain’t seen nothing yet,” Waters shouted as she wagged her finger in outrage. “Women are going to control their bodies, no matter how they try to stop us!”

“To hell with the Supreme Court,” the woman who swore an oath to “support and defend” the Constitution hollered. “We will defy them!”

“Women will be in control of their bodies,” she continued, before throwing out the race card, just for good measure. more

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  1. Aunt Esther continues to be re-elected. As much as I despise her, I detest her constituents even more. She is their fault

  2. Oh my Lord!
    No one said whaaamen aren’t in control of their bodies.
    How about taking responsibility and,oh, I don’t know, maybe use contraception.
    Beyond that…all the SC did was kick it back to the states.
    Most of the states already took measures to legalize abortions within their states.
    Anyone living in a state that has made them can still travel to get one.
    Hell, if you work for a woke CO, they might even subsidies it for you.
    So effing tired of idiots who keep putting marine life such as this big mouthed bass, into office repeatedly.
    How about someone abort her political career.

  3. What’s she in about? Doesn’t she know this changes NOTHING in HER state, that HER daughter can still murder her fully-developed 9 month old in the womb any time she pleases, because CA is OK with that. The sacrifice to Moloch in HER backyard can continue unabated.

    What other states do…ain’t none of her business.

  4. PHenry
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 3:41 PM
    “Aunt Esther continues to be re-elected.”

    Yeah! “Elected”!


    Those bastards!

  5. If women took control of their bodies as the hideous witch contends, they would make sure they never had to make that decision. It isn’t difficult. It’s called responsibility. Spoken from experience.

  6. The race card.

    The card that says there would be twice as many negro toes if they had not been plucked at abortuaries?

  7. If she’s so pro-black, doesn’t she care that the decision might lead to more black babies being born?

  8. “Women will be in control of their bodies,”

    …once we figure out what women are, that is.

    And in control of the mudering babies part of their bodies ONLY. The part we want to vaxxinate, they will not be allowed to control. That’s ours.

  9. ” she’s as spry as a hate-filled chicken in spring”. I find it to be interesting that Mad Maxine is shrieking that “women will be in control of their bodies”, yet all of these morons want single payer health care for everyone. If that were to happen, their precious government would have FULL control over their bodies. The individual or their doctor would have NO say in any medical decision or treatment regimen. See how that works out for you.

  10. Logical and rational thinking doesn’t track in a screeching, black liberation Marxist, atrophied-brain, death worshipping harpy like Mad Maxine. Her wig hat always being on too tight doesn’t help.

  11. But. She’s not wrong. She’s not even being disingenuous.

    This. Is feminism. (Oh stop licking that window! There are no “waves”.)

    Abortion. On demand, and everybody else’s dime. Is just one stop. Of the boxcars.

    Nancy Pelosi running Nuremberg 2.0 on 1/6 rallyers, is feminsim. Maxine Waters getting hysterical about losing The Constitusional Right(TM) of mass murder, is feminism. Both of them being gibbering octogenarians, is just feminism through boomer poison.

    If you insist your baby princess needs control of her body, so she can pull any train she wants to, this, The Free West(TM), is one of the mandatory stops. Along the line. And, no. Not the last. Nor the worst. Hey, look! Mommy got a dancing, emasculated (literally literal) per-pubescent tranny toy! Last sto… No. It’s not.

    Pick a side, an hero.

  12. I’ve seen better looking mugs on big groupers pulled in the boat. Actually, a treble hook sticking out of one corner of her mouth would improve her looks a great deal, but I bet she would be a tough one to clean and filet. Like a big catfish, probably have to nail her head to a tree to skin it.

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”


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