Fining People For the Crap They Leave Behind

We could wipe away the debt if we fined progtards for the mess they leave in their wake – ideas as well as feces, urine and garbage.

MSN – The mayor’s office in Colmenar Viejo, a historical town north of Madrid, said fines and warning signs had failed to coax some owners into picking up their dogs’ mess.

So from next week dog-walkers will be spied on by a professional “Canine Detective” who will prowl the town to catch negligent dog owners red-handed.

“This person, incognito, will watch the streets and public spaces in which most dog dirt has to be cleaned up,” the town hall said in a statement.

“Their job will be to film owners who do not pick up after their dogs in flagrante and hand in this evidence along with a report as proof in police proceedings.”

(?????- Talk about poo, what was that sh*t? -bfh)

The town hall said offenders would face possible fines of up to 150 euros ($200), with higher penalties for repeat offenders.


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  1. This is one of my biggest pet peeves! Seattle has more dogs than kids, too. The most detestable are those who walk their dogs late in the evening and let their animals poop and pee all over the place!! And I’m sick of finding little green baggies of dog poop in our garbage can! One guy argued with me all the way up the street as he was walking away about how my garbage can (the one I pay to have emptied every week, BTW) was more or less ‘public property’. Jerk! Dog owners go on and on and on about how their dogs are like their children and how smart they are and how wonderful they are. Too bad the owners are dumber and certainly more devious than their animals.

  2. I see a new reality show on A&E

    ‘Turd Hunter!’ Prints are hard to come by, but watch odorous Detective Pooseau analyze anally, using his patented ‘hindlick’ maneuver, and his extensive data base of dog-ass files, using every clue & poo to find the ‘poopertrators’ of our fair city streets.

  3. Oh my YES!!! We must clean up dog poop! Instead of letting dog poop become the natural fertilizer it is, we MUST wrap in little plastic baggie, and deposit in a larger plastic bag to be shipped off in a 20,000 pound diesel vehicle to a place where it is safe! That’s the way to be a good environmentalist!

    With that said, my dog goes in the back yard, in the wooded area most of the time to poop. His girlfriend does the same. If my dog happens to poop in the wrong place, I get out the flat shovel and toss it under the nearest bush, tree, shrub or other place people won’t step. When he is on the beach and he poops, I dig a hole with the heel of my foot and bury it (crabs gotta eat same as seagulls). There ain’t now way in hell I am ever gonna carry around dog shit in a plastic bag with a smug look on my ace like I am proud I am making a difference…because it is STUPID!!!!

    With that said, I would never live in a “city”.

    And with that said, if I ever had to live in a city, I wouldn’t have a dog, I would never torture dog like that. I can’t imagine having a dog in a place that he can’t run free. That is not what dogs are for or what they want.

  4. I don’t walk my dog often. I have a yard and a dachshund, so no real need.

    But when she is on a leash, I try and carry a bag, but I usually never need it.

    However it never fails, time I don’t have a bag, in front of as many people as possible. She hunches up and lays a Cleveland steamer.

  5. Most of the dog crap around here is left by the dogs of the homeless bums, since they have taken over the parks. Parasites.

  6. Menderman,
    Dog shit is terrible fertilizer, it will most likely kill many plants near which it is deposited. Dogs are carnivores of the highest level which makes their shit full of enzymes that kill most plant life.
    Plant eating animals have good fertilizing poop. Not dogs, or cats, or most any animal with canine teeth and claws. Plant eating animals without canine teeth and hooves make great fertilizer poop. You should never shit in your garden to help your potatoes grow, or allow your dog/cat to do this. There is an exception, if you want to grow poisonous mushrooms, or kill patches of grass.

  7. @old_oaks,

    Tip from a friend: When you leave the house, carry a bag with you with a couple of appropriate sized rocks in it…and smile smugly at all people you see.

  8. Eric, modern dog food is a mix of fish, scrap meat and a LOT’s of veggies. If my dog poops in the grassy area of my yard in the winter and I leave it there, the grass sprouts tall and green in that spot. How do you explain that?

  9. Menderman, Personally I’d never pick it up. Even in my yard, I let my Snapper do that work. But usually when she’s on a leash, I brought her to where there’s more people than dogs.

    Most of the time I hate stepping in dog shit, unless of course I have my lawn mowing shoes on.

  10. Well, I live in a warm climate where there are canine diseases that can be passed through their feces, which are washed downhill in surface runoff every time it rains. We had to keep our dog indoors for two months when we first got her as a puppy, because of that. And the number of flies in the air is purportedly directly related to the volume of shit around the neighborhood. Not to mention the fact that piles are unsightly and extremely unpleasant to step in. So I scoop the yard daily, and I carry bags to pick up after my dogs when we go for walks. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s called personal responsibility, which we conservatives champion. I would love to see people get tickets for failing to police their own pets. The right for you to extend your arm ends before your fist reaches my nose. The right for you to let your dog shit indiscriminately on public (or other people’s private) property ends before it harms me or my dogs.

  11. I have a Saint Bernard and there’s NO WAY I’m not picking up his poop! Da-am but that dog has big turds!!
    Plus I make hubby walk him!

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