Fiona Hill: Obama Denied Weapons to Ukraine for ‘Political’ Reasons

Breitbart: Former National Security Council official Dr. Fiona Hill testified on Thursday that President Barack Obama had ignored the “interagency consensus” on sending weapons to Ukraine for “political” reasons.

Under questioning from Republicans, Hill admitted that she herself had been against giving weapons to Ukraine to help it fight Russian invasion, and that she had written an op-ed in the Washington Post expressing those views.

She also said that the “interagency consensus” had actually been in favor of arming the Ukrainians; she herself was not in government service at the time, but working at the liberal Brookings Institution think tank.

Hill noted that President Obama had ignored the “interagency consensus” for what she called “political” reasons. She explained that Obama was concerned that arming the Ukrainians could provoke the Russians. read more

SNIP: Ha! Will Schiffty haul in 0bama to testify?

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  1. who knew Bruce Jenner changed his name to ‘Dr. Hill’?

    … I guess ‘Catlyn’ wasn’t getting enough attention

  2. Ah, give her a break. She just didn’t know when weapons meant weapon weapons….I’m sure she can talk dirty with the best of them….

  3. But, but, but, she has a British accent!!!

    I hate the British, for MANY reasons, ‘let me count the MANY wayssss’ – EB Browning.

  4. 0’Bama denied SDI (the Left called Star Wars; the Israelis call Iron Dome) weapons to Poland for political reasons. Part of his flexibility for Putin.

  5. Who is this lightweight dolt who worked at brookings then state dept? PhD in what? Very unimpressive. State dept needs to emptied then shut down wed be better off without morons like this (and she seems typical) thinking big stupid thoughts while pulling down 6 figures and gold plated benefits and pensions for life.

  6. Shes from britain but holds these intell posts in the us govt. Shouldnt those be reserved for native us citizens? We couldnt find anyone else who wanted the job? This strange person is the best we could do? The stupidity of the fed govt really grates on me.

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