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Fiorina faces grilling on Iran printer sales, layoffs

Washington Examiner- Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is riding high since she put up another strong debate performance on Wednesday, with a new poll showing her vaulting into second place in the GOP primary.

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But she is set to face more scrutiny befitting her status in the top tier of the GOP primary race. One example was the grilling she took during an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

Fiorina, who lost a Senate bid by 10 points to Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif, in 2010, was on the defensive about her record as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, where she oversaw a drop in stock at the company and layoffs of about 30,000 employees.  more

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  1. Fiorina is just Identity Politics Tool #2 of 3 for the GOPe. First, the black, then the woman and later – when her attempts to claw away support from Trump fades – the hispanic.

    If any of these 3 had no “fatally flawed” positions on my
    GO/NO GO concerns, I might be open to them. But, beyond that, the double/triple teaming and the timing of it all STINKS.

  2. Here is my “Nostradumbass” prediction:

    One by one the GOP contenders will be eliminated until the candidate the Dems want to run against Joe is left.

    Regardless of where we stand on individual candidates, the last election was completely obvious. Gingrich, Bachmann, Herman Cain… and on, until we had Mittens vs. Obama. Just what they wanted.

    I completely expect either Trump or Jeb facing Biden. Exactly how they want it.

    Yeah, I know. I need a rubber room and a tinfoil hat.

  3. Conservative Review? Not so sure how much faith I’d put in the judgments on an organization that gives Liberal John Kasich mostly mixed or positive reviews and Libertarian Rand Paul anything other than negative (he got mixed) reviews on foreign policy and moral issues.

  4. They want Jeb running against the dem candidate because they know Jeb will lose against anyone. All the other “conservative” candidates, except Cruz and possibly one other, are just playing party politics to mask the conspiracy and never expected to win the nomination anyway.

    The GOP and MSM are trying to destroy Trump because they didn’t expect Trump to run and it’s upsetting their plans to plant another commie/socialist in the WH to continue the destruction of the republic and the Constitution.

    TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!!!

  5. HP grew market share in Iran to over 40% and made millions in a matter of months during a time when the company was struggling with both top line and bottom line and Fiorina was unaware of the one bright spot in the company’s sales channels?

    That makes her either oblivious, incompetent or dishonest – or all three.

    It certainly doesn’t make her presidential material.

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