Fire board rules CA firefighter can’t wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin on uniform

He wants to wear a pin that symbolizes the hatred and promotes the attacks of police and other public safety personnel. You know, like firefighters.

American Mirror:

A California firefighter recently lost a union grievance against the Humboldt Bay Fire Department over a Black Lives Matter pin he was forced to remove from his uniform in March.

The Humboldt Bay Fire Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors sided with Fire Chief Bill Gillespie Wednesday after a five-hour hearing over a Black Lives Matter lapel pin he ordered engineer Matt McFarland to remove from his uniform in March, the Lost Coast Outpost reports.

The hearing featured heated public commentary, numerous witnesses, and arguments from union attorney Jeff Edwards and Humboldt Bay Fire attorney Kendall Swanson about whether or not the pin violates the department’s uniform policy.

The policy only allows lapel pins that are “fire service related and in good taste” and Gillespie argued Black Lives Matter is a political movement not related to firefighting.

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21 Comments on Fire board rules CA firefighter can’t wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin on uniform

  1. Humboldt, WTF? I don’t think there are any Black People in Humboldt County. There to smart to be there. Humboldt County is the one Northern California County that did not join the Jefferson Movement. They make all their money up there from the Mexican Drug Cartel. Lets just say their town of Weed’s name has taken on a whole new meaning.

  2. Fire this leftist activist immediately. You’ve already spent too much time on him. He’ll be nothing but trouble going forward.

  3. Fire a union firefighter? Good luck with that.

    A friend ran for city council a few years ago in the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, the only Republican in ages to even try. I was talking to him during the campaign cycle and he commented that no matter what, you never go against police and fire unions.

  4. Jarhead Cracka

    You are correct. But the drug mules pass, and hang out, at Weed on their way to Highway 5. My daughter’s husband works for the Forrest Service and the live in Yreka. The local news paper up there is accusing the local Sheriff of being paid off by the Drug Cartel “Just Like The Humboldt Sheriff”.

  5. You’ve got to start somewhere and set up a beachfront against the unions. Nobody ever deserves an unconditional job. Ever.

  6. I completely agree PHenry. I was thinking about that after posting – it’s a heck of a gig, any word of cutting your pay and an awful lot of regular citizens get upset. Of course it’s great service and at some risk, but you sure get preferential treatment.

  7. I doubt I’d feel confident this guy would keep me covered in a fog of water in a hot firefight.
    Who can tell when he might want to make a louder statement about his grievance ?

  8. Black Lives Matter
    Not in Chicago or any other run down, burned out, poverty-stricken, rat-infested, stinking shit-hole that’s been solidly run by democRats selling Hope and Change snake-oil every election for over half a century!

  9. Big Brad a good friend of mine has been with forestry up there for thirty five years.. He lives in Weed. God’s country for sure

  10. The only lives that matter to these people are their own. Other than that, it’s just an excuse to act out.

  11. Bad Brad
    I should’ve thought of that; they’ve got to hit that I-5 Drug corridor, Weed & Yreka being the most likely places. Love that “just like the Humboldt Sheriff”.

  12. All Too Much,

    Are you following the Anti Sharia protests over in Roseville? The Sheriffs department announce last night that if they found anything that even looked like it could be used as a weapon that they would arrest the person carrying it. Lots of opposition. Local news media is off the rails supporting the dirt bags.

  13. Are you sure the fireman was black? There are a bunch of counter-protesters of the anti-sharia march in Seattle. A lot of white guys wearing BLM shirts.

  14. The guys name is Matt MacFarland. I looked him up.
    Nothing definitive. But I’m guessing a white leftist virtue signaling idiot with a protected class job like many of the professors, politicians, bureaucrats and entertainers we are forced to endure.

  15. Because of the high probability the chain of command will turn on any cop who has to shoot one of Obama’s relatives, the police MUST have a union. Firefighters? Why? No one has ever laid out a reason why firemen need union protection. Firemen use union power to bleed tax payers. Sickening what they get away with.

  16. What an asshole. This guys life depends on his fellow firefighters and I’ll bet most of them figure the BLM fraud is bullshit. I wonder how many of them now would go above and beyond to pull his ass out of a bad place. Also, I wouldn’t blame the union for bringing the grievance because they probably had no choice once the member demanded it.

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