Fire her… out of a cannon

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  1. She’s the personification of everything that’s wrong with our Country’s education system. The more the Federal Government meddles in it, the more people like this tattooed imbecile get to wreck young lives. Dismember the Department of Education when the Swamp gets drained after 2024.

  2. Back in the middle 20th Century, I had a Communist honors social studies teacher in high school. Got kicked out of his class for arguing and repeatedly imitating his ugly face and voice. After that, word got around and I got a lot of smiles from teachers and students. I remember being so relieved I didn’t have to look at face or hear is pious voice any more. God, I hated that bastard and wanted to physically kick his ass.

  3. In my day teacher had dress and conduct codes. Just going back to that would get rid of 80% of these leftists.

  4. Student need to stand up and say she should publicly and verifiably divide whatever salary she receives, and all related benefits, among the less fortunate of the community. Call her out on her hypocrisy in front of it God and everybody. That would she kicks a student out of class for it, go to the news media. Bring the heat and the light. Watch her cry like the emotional retard she is.

  5. The thumbnail of her is enough. I can’t watch the video because people like her infuriate me and I think bad thoughts like smacking her in the face. Her type are so smug and self absorbed thinking they’ve got the world by the ass when in reality they’re small and insecure, hence the tattoos and sexual preference that scream “LOOK AT ME! I’M A TATTOOED LESBIAN.” Disgusting.

  6. D@mn glad I retired from my short stint as a teacher. I would have had to put out a similar video (fictional representation):
    One of my students asked why every class ended up in a rant from me against communism or progressivism
    I would have to say because neither has ever done anything constructive
    I am the one your other teachers warned you about

  7. Well, isn’t that special. While she’s hot footin’ it and burning in Hell for eternity, she’ll be reminded every moment why she’s there – hating God and brainwashing children with Godless Marxist doctrine.

  8. She rambles and rants against capitalism, but won’t give up her lifestyle, car, mobile devices, expensive clothing all made possible by capitalism.
    Scumbag communist hypocrite.


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