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Firefighter who flunked physical injured 10 days into job

choeurlyne holder

NYP: A firefighter who was allowed to graduate the Fire Academy despite failing physical tests has already gone out on medical leave — just 10 days into the job, The Post has learned.

Probationary firefighter Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder injured herself Monday while conducting a routine check of equipment at Queens’ Engine 308 in South Richmond Hill. Getting off the truck, Doirin-Holder missed a step and landed on her left foot, suffering a fracture, sources said. more

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  1. “Since she was injured on duty, she is eligible for a disability pension that would pay three-quarters of her annual salary, tax-free, if deemed unfit to return.”

    Yep, that sounds sustainable…

  2. Yeah, but he’s got the uniform and he T-shirts. Probably a pickup artist plying his trade right now.

  3. lol thath’s what I get for stopping after the first paragraph. My original point stands, but dyke bars.

  4. Thanks for pointing out that the dude in the picture is a female. Now she’s won a vacation for life. Invite her to the white house Barry. That fire truck was built by racists!

  5. I wonder how many must die before this type of idiocy stops to infest civilization? My thought is, it won’t. There is nothing less valuable to a Progressive/Leftist/democrat than human life….they prove it time & time again.
    Gotta hand it to them. We are regressing … just as the marxocrat party planned all along.

  6. The idea of lowering standards to meet a quota is one of the most offensive things in this “progressive” world.
    I certainly wouldn’t want to be her partner, let alone depend on her for saving my home or life.

  7. Being that she is on probation she will probably be dismissed.


    But being black with a lawyer the city will most likely settle.

  8. Merit versus skin color… Doctor how did you get this job?
    Merit or skin color?

  9. “Getting off the truck, Doirin-Holder missed a step and landed on her left foot, suffering a fracture” hahaha – fat ass

    Did they call da amberlamps?

  10. A nigga gotsto do wha a nigga gotsto do.

    Thing is, this kind of shit wouldn’t even HAVE BEEN TRIED as recent as the 80s.

  11. I GUARANTEE you the other members of her truck/engine company are just tickled she’s gone. No room on the tailboard for the unqualified….period. Get’s people killed.

  12. I got a serious injury just looking at her name.

    So, she’s a probie. So, even if she were OTJ for over a year they will put her ass on light duty – desk stuff. My Hubby, a FF of over 10 years injured his foot and knee stepping into a freaking deep pothole filled with water (late night call). He had to do light duty until given the green light to go back to regular service. And NYC is tougher than our area. Regardless of the break she got to be hired, the city’s lawyers won’t roll over. She had her chance.

    BTW, the potholes in our region will swallow a man whole.

  13. In my township you can’t even be an unpaid volunteer if you can’t pass all the tests.
    Insanity on top of black female privlege.

  14. Allow me to introduce myself.
    I am a recovering racist.

    Shit! I just fell off the wagon!

  15. Don’t worry Irony, the only fire she fights on Easy Street is if her government cheese burns in the oven.

    The only thing she wants from you is your tax dollars…

  16. Gosh. Isn’t it a shame these stories have made ourselves so cynical?

  17. Affirmative action air traffic controllers coming soon.

  18. I’ve yet to meet a black dr. that wasn’t a complete dolt.

  19. Seems to me most of these comments are directed at the wrong entities. The woman didn’t make up these asinine rules. The article says: “…watered-down requirements enacted by FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

    Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered they must get preference as victims of past discrimination against minorities.”

    And who ultimately oversees FDNY? Uh huh.

    Not saying the woman didn’t see through and play the system — that pension payout should be based on whether she is disabled from her broken foot.

  20. I can’t even begin to worry about her fracture until I figure how how to pronounce her name.

  21. This is my shocked face. Working for the government is truly a license to steal for these parasites.

  22. Watch a few videos at TJ Sotomayor’s TNNRaw2 (youtube) and he will answer your question…

  23. We’re all thinking it, so I’ll say it.

    The majority of blacks are lazy, and don’t want to work.
    They want free housing, free money, free food, and drugs.


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