First Baby Formula “Mercy Flights” Take Off from Germany to US – IOTW Report

First Baby Formula “Mercy Flights” Take Off from Germany to US

GP: The first baby formula “mercy flights” took off from Germany on Saturday for the United States. The US is in such bad shape under Joe Biden we need Western “Mercy Flights” of baby formula to feed our infants here at home. This is all because the Biden regime failed to act for months on this crisis. more h/t Joe6pak.

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  1. Up until the late 60’s or thereabouts, there was no such thing as baby formula; parents used cow’s milk. And somehow we all turned out fine. Well, most of us, anyway.

  2. This is designed to look like incompetence on steroids, but it’s purposefully being presented as such to deflect attention. Then again, these people are the most daft idiots on God’s green Earth while projecting they’re geniuses. Either way this is planned chaos.

  3. In my view, it’s the government telling people to make no more babies because there won’t be formula available for them and they’ll never see their first birthday.

    The baby formula shortage seems unprecedented to me. I’m drawing a conclusion and I don’t know if it’s correct or not. Limiting population growth seems to fit the facts, along with other things that have been happening over the past two years.

  4. Just like we’re a fucking turd world country, which is exactly what the fucking uniparty cunts are turning the US into.

  5. Tony R

    No, they use dehydrated milk. The process killed anything bad in the milk. Probably what you were fed, same me. Mean while, America last. Pretty sick of this shit.

  6. Don’t trust BARE SHELVES HIDIN’ BIDEN to take out his OWN trash let along importing some bogus baby formula from nazi germany which may very well be tainted with disease, unwanted unapproved (vaccine) meds, poisons, insects, or other disgusting and sinister additives. Keep in mind that low-character Joe Biden is a compulsive chronic liar and must never be trusted to do anything at all, particularly as he greedily and happily agreed to be the globalists’ re-set trojan horse against the US. Add that the nazi germans often peddle their suspect “goat milk” as infant formula which can actually be milk from some orangutan somewhere. Mothers should hook up with those who are knowledgeable and experienced in cooking up their own authentic and homemade baby formula and not some likely-toxic crap purchased from nazis who slaughtered millions past and present. Keep in mind that germany’s govt are also underhanded Klaus Schwab globalists who are scheming for the ‘re-set’ via Joe Biden as their trojan horse against the US.

  7. Why not ask every border-crossing “new American” to ring a bottle of baby formula as a donation to America’s moms – male and female.? It seems the least they can do.

  8. It’s not because the administration ‘failed to act’, it is because the administration did act – to prevent manufacture of the stuff.
    And now it has control of the stuff, which it will not relinquish on its own.

  9. We allowed a usurper to steal an election.
    In so many ways these traitors are telling us to “Eat Shit and Like It.”

    And guess what?
    We’ve convinced ourselves it tastes like chocolate.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. @Tony R and Brad…

    The last two years have been a great chance to learn, for those who want to learn. We have learned that many modern things we thought were vital to life are not really necessary, and may in fact be harmful. We have learned that many older, simpler things are still useful, and in ways we never dreamed of. We have learned that we, as a people, are walking at the edge of a cliff, and that those who lead us think nothing of pushing us over the edge, or into corrals, for the “common good”.

    It won’t surprise me in the least when the “fact-checkers” start slagging evaporated milk and silencing disinformers who tout it. It will not surprise me when evaporated milk disappears from the shelves or requires a doctor’s prescription.

    When the monkeypox masking and monkeypox lockdowns commence, followed by the monkeypox jabs, everyone will know what to do. Most will do what they’ve been told, but some will do what they have learned.

  11. …in 1948, Communists decided to do what Communists do and tried to starve the non-compliant population of Berlin out of existence. It was saved only by supplies airlifted from America.

    …now, we find OURSELVES dominated by Communists hell bent on starving us out.

    Germany is simply returning the favor.

  12. Got milk? We grew up on cow’s milk & turned out…. oh that splains it, mental illiness gone wild. Speak for yourself, I was breast feed until, well I can’t remember when I quit. No formula, getting formula, it don’t matter & the complaining never stops. Bare selves, haven’t seen them. Of course Texas jackass gov blocked about 4 billion in food supply trucks but that’s ok right.

  13. Jesse Kelly on Twitter:
    “The government causing a baby formula bottleneck with ridiculous regulations and then causing a baby formula shortage with incompetence and then acting like a hero for flying in baby formula is the most government thing in the history of government things.”

  14. Maybe, 2 or 3 companies making it is not enough huh? Those companies also said they really don’t make alot of money off it, but hey it’s all the gummerments fault right. See a problem & it’s more like flys on shit.



    You lump in abortion and starving babies to death TOGETHER and you have your election sown up in November.

    If Trump was in office that’s what the headlines would be.


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