First Contact: The iOTW PNW MeetUp

It’s been mentioned recently that some of us normal deplorables, hunkered down in Trump hating, Prius driving, Socialist voting regions of the Pacific Northwest, should maybe plan a get together.
But, how?
To start the ball rolling, if you are interested, please send an email to BFH:
Stay tuned!  -illustr8r

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  1. Better arm yourselves. That’s a foreign country now and there are no first amendment rights. Your free speech will not be tolerated.

  2. That sign should actually read “Will the last Conservative to leave Seattle turn out the lights.” We don’t want any of the “Progs” or “Illegals” to leave & infest “Conservative” parts of “Our Country”.

  3. Orygone is getting just as bad, we are outnumbered by ghetto rat dirtbags that vote for a living and depend on us for their free shit!

  4. I live in Helena (Nolackaloonies) MT but a trip would be well worth it just to meet some of you whose posts I’ve enjoyed for all these years.

  5. There is also a meetup planned next January 29th at 2am on the south side of Chicago outside of Subway. We’ll be wearing ski masks and carrying rope for easy identification. Since it’s what we would normally do anyways, it shouldn’t put anyone out of their way.

  6. illustr8r
    AA and I are in, Mr. Hat has our emails.
    The first 3 towns Omak, Walla Walla? Tonasket?
    We can find and set up a Camp site near by, if people don’t want to camp out they can stay at a hotel.
    End of June or after the 4th of July
    Just throwing things out there.

  7. forcibly deranged
    If we have it in NE Washington you would have a 6 or 7 hour drive to get there.

  8. I can do it. Eburg may be the best location. I am on the wet side, but thinking of where would be most convenient. Yak could be a good location too. That would make it a little less of a drive from Idaho and the dry side of OR.

  9. Omak can get pretty warm in July, but Conconully stays fairly comfortable and has a nice campground. I don’t mind the heat, Walla Walla can get really uncomfortably hot in July. I spend time in both. Tonasket really is pretty far north for most people. Wenatchee and Ephrata might be considerations. The Oasis in Ephrata is a great RV park.

  10. @ Geoff: Six or seven hour drive is a very small price to pay to meet some of the “family”. It takes longer than that to get to friends on the E border of MT. I’ve got plenty of camping gear if we pick a spot where camping works. I’ve got enough to loan if needed.

  11. JD Joe 6pak wants a place we can have a fire.
    AA and I want to fish.
    That’s why I said a campground with hotels near by.
    I think most of us would like to stay out of a large city.

  12. If there are other MTans who might want to go to a rendezvous, we could do some car poolin’

    Damn! This could be goooood!

  13. EW is a ‘dry heat,’ JD, compared to the temperate rain forest of the west side where all the Socialist zombies live. Even so, some lake site would be good for cooling off in case it’s 105F. Also, an alternate location should be added in case WA repeats its forest fires (and smoke) from the past several years – which were horrendous.

    (Just kidding about the fridge, forcibly. 🙂 )

  14. Hi guys!
    Keep those ideas coming! Once we get a head count and locations from where people are traveling from we’ll pick a spot as central as possible. A spot along i90 like Moses Lake is where I’ve been looking. Once we know whose coming the planning will go offline from iOTW as we all work out the details. I’m excited (and nervous) as party planning is not my forte! Looking forward to meeting ya’ll! 😃

  15. …This rather surprises me with Fur of all people being involved, he seems to be the most private of us all, and not without justification…

  16. Geoff and AA: Stream or small lake fishing would be nice too if you can take company. I can bring a canoe

  17. forcibly deranged, we also have ample camping gear
    on another thread we said we could set up a kitchen ect. The most we have ever cooked for in a rustic setting was 150 people including a 4 tier wedding cake AA made. It will be fun to do it again.

  18. Hood River, Oregon or maybe something in the Cascades would be cooler temperatures.100 degrees might take some of the fun out of it. But I’m game for just about anything.

  19. I spent 30 years in the Pacific Northwest living on Whidbey Island Washington. Now I open carry in San Antonio Texas. Get out while you can, socialists tend to lock down dissidents. So that, they can’t report what is actually happening.

  20. Sportsman’s Park (state park) in Yak or Yakima River RV Park (private) in Eburg. Omak has 12 Tribes casino and a nice hotel and fishing at Conconully is under half hour away. State campground in Conconully.

  21. We’ll need a big tent – because we’re a big-tent-kind-of-party! (Just joking.)

    Whoa. Wait. If there’s power, we could set-up SWAMP coolers/drainers.

  22. “The cause of the blaze was not immediately clear, but officials say that it could be linked to renovation work.”

    Renovation work…yeah, that’s the ticket.

  23. The fairgrounds in Ritzville is a beautiful campground the camping in Sprague is good too. Good fishing in Moses, Sprague and Potholes

  24. Campground at Scootney Reservoir between Connell and Othello is great. Bureau of reclamation. Dry camping, w/water but no power. Good fishing. Motels in Connell or Othello

  25. My humble suggestion is somewhere near Republic or thereabouts. Good fishing, I think. JDHasty, if it’s the drive, maybe you, Geoff and I can carpool in our van(?) Just a suggestion. Higher altitudes, lower summer temps. Beautiful countryside.

  26. Johnny — the Gorge campgrounds will be full of libtards yelling at their kids to use “inside voices”.

  27. I wish I could join, but that’s on the other side of the country from me, and my vacation is the week before that. Oh poo!

    I hope you guys have a great time and you can tell the rest of us all the war stories afterwards.

  28. AA,

    I have a toy hauler and tow it with a SCREW so it fills up pretty fast. I do have the ability to cook for quite a few though.

    If I take my little trailer I tow it w/a Grand Cherokee.

    Usually the big RV is in Eburg until July 4th and then back over second week of August. The little one I never know where it is going to be until it is there.

    I have the big one home for a couple events on this side and take it back over for Stampede Week and keep it there through Eburg Rodeo or Pendleton Roundup.

  29. Do a big tourist city with good weather: vegas or LA.

    Remember,there is a large conservative contingent in hollywood and LA.

  30. Depends on the campsite, but if we coordinate a little between campers we can probably get a couple tents onto a site. Not so much to conserve cash but more to keep us all a little closer to the MAGA scene.

  31. Hey! This is a GREAT idea! Me and the Ogre would love to come. Better not sell our trailer, I guess. But yeah! What fun this could be.

  32. I can bring an 88-key synth and speakers. But I’ve only got a 4-year old battery and 1000 Watt inverter to power it remotely. So, if there’s electrical music desired, we’ll probably need need 120 VAC.

  33. The North Cascades Highway is pretty impressive. It’s not exactly centrally located but it would be memorable for those that haven’t been on that route before. Just a thought, it will be fun no matter where we end up.

  34. @ joe6pak APRIL 15, 2019 AT 4:51 PM

    We stay the night in Newhalem Campground every year on the way to Omak for Stampede Week (2nd week of August). Generally very comfortable temperature. They have a group campground.

    IIRC, dry camping. We have an onboard generator and 110 gallons of water so I don’t pay a lot of attention to those considerations.

  35. I’m in.
    How about the Klickitat County Fairgrounds
    The grounds also have space for RV’s and Tent camping, with onsite dump station and restrooms with shower. For more details call Klickitat County Public Works department at 509-773-4616.

  36. @ JDHasty APRIL 15, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Shotgun with JDHasty. Called it.
    And afterwards we can go to Carlsbad Caverns and then tour the Red Rocks and then the Appalachians and then the White Sands of Okaloosa.

    I even got 50 bucks for Gas.

    Thanks Man!

  37. Come to Vegas.
    We have Al Gore speaking at UNLV in late April and “an evening with the Clintons” in early May.
    Plus the fact that democrats won big in the midterms, Hillary won here in 2016 and pot is legal.

    Wait…never mind. 🙁

  38. Moses Lake. Michael’s is a good restaurant where we could have a dinner. And I could visit the grandchildren while I am in the neighborhood.

  39. There is great camping at the Deschutes on the Columbia. Right off of 84, in the CRG. A nice, big grassy area for group camping, and good fishing on either river. LaPage Park, on the John Day river, is one of our very favorite spots, too. Hot showers and a nice little lagoon for kiddos to safely play. Again, fishing on either the JOhn Day or the Columbia.
    AA, I don’t run into many Lefties out here, at the camp sites, in the summer. They seem to prefer Hood River and White Salmon, where I meet them a plenty.

  40. If I got it right since my daughter calls me a techtard, I contacted BFH by Email and left my information, I’m in, please let me know if it works. Thank you, any place in the middle part of the state would be good but Ellensburg or Moses Lake might be the best or even Wenatchee and there’s always Dry Falls State park N of Ephrata and Soap Lake but any place will do.

  41. I’d go to Vegas….. but only because the Popeyes in Kingman is on the way.

    Phoenix is closer but I have no idea what’s actually in it.

  42. Yes, if you are interested in going please send your emails to BFH.
    He’s our clearinghouse for contact info. A comment in this thread is great but I need another way
    to be in touch. We have 8 people so far.

    I’m looking into the best way to then wrangle the info so that it’s private (so, no Facebook Group
    or MeetUp). An email list, maybe, but that can get unwieldy after awhile. I’m still looking.

    We’ll pinpoint the where and when and the planning will be offsite (not on iOTW). I appreciate the offers
    to help very much. I will probably take you up on that!

  43. @Forcibly Deranged — Heck yes! Bring your canoe! Geoff C. and I are fly fishers, but I don’t turn up my nose at Power Bait if things are slow.

    I know the whole point is to get together, but I’d rather not stay at a KOA/fairgrounds/crowded campground just outside a town or near the freeway. Just my 2 cents.

    One thing I can share with fellow campers is how to fix an Ike steak.

  44. joe6 — sorry I missed your calls. I was in the middle of something both times you rang.

    Ike (Eisenhower) steak. You cook it directly on the glowing camp fire coals. Amazing.

  45. AA, no problem, I know you’re busy. Never heard it called an Ike steak but I’m looking forward to having one!

  46. I found a good meet up website. Looks simple to use. Need to poke around a bit to learn how to set things up. Expect invites to it this week sometime plus a separate group email.

  47. Joe6 — It’s called Ike steak because it was his favorite way of cooking one. I had a hard time imaging throwing a beautiful rib steak on an ashy fire, but we tried it out with a group of about ten people while camping one time and, I’ll be darned, it worked incredibly well and nary a puff of ash or a burned steak. And who wants to use those nasty grills in a campground? Lord knows how the last campers put out their fire, huh?

  48. You’re doing great Illustr8r! If you need any encouragement let me know and I’ll keep telling you how great you’re doing!

  49. Illustr8r — I think I know the app. I’ve used it for church stuff in the past. It’ll make things a lot easier for everyone. Good call! (But, please, no Moses Lake. I need some trees.)


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