First Female Navy SEAL Applicant Drops Out of Training

Epoch Times: The first woman applicant ever to try out for the Navy SEALs has dropped out. She was in the training pipeline since July 24 before her decision to quit. Only since 2016 have women been permitted to apply for the SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection (SOAS) program, as Task & Purpose reported.

Her identity is being kept secret by the Navy. The three-week course she dropped out of was the initial process to beginning the Navy’s notoriously grueling advanced training program.

The initial stages include physical screening evaluations. The applicant completed just half of them. Had she completed the evaluations she could have been reviewed to go into a 24-week Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training course. That course has a 73 percent drop out rate, as reported by

“People try and fail on their own merits, and we respect the individual for the risk,” said an unnamed Navy official to Task & Purpose. “And whatever happens, they’re doing it to serve and protect their country.”

To pass the Physical Screening Test and be considered for the more advanced training, an applicant needs to meet the following standards:  See them here

10 Comments on First Female Navy SEAL Applicant Drops Out of Training

  1. Coed forces proved problematic for the USSR in WW2.
    Israel is a different culture, female IDF soldiers are deployed close to home, with duties closer to armed border guards/police.

    I do maintain females make the ideal interrogators. They’re naturals. Ask any ex-husband.


    …uh, and the fire department
    …and the police department
    …and basic training physical standards
    …and all-boys sports teams
    …and title IX
    …and previous “male only” parts of the military

    this failure will lead to tomorrow’s standard tinkering.

    *Yep. Get ready for a congressional investigation, and questioning every minute aspect of the training until the Navy just gives up and lets them pass. —IT’S COMING, YOU KNOW IT.

  3. The National Navy Seal Museum is awesome, Port St. Lucie, Fl. Exceptional men. Faced with all I saw at the museum I could not fathom the bravery, skill, intelligence, dedication, strength, endurance, loyalty, and on and on and on, of those men.

  4. Whether the ladies like it or not, their bodies are not designed to have the core body strength required to be a Navy Seal. Have you ever seen a woman who could drop and do 150 push ups, or pull ups. These requirements are not designed to keep females out, they are designed to be sure anyone who gets in can do amazing feats of strength when required in combat.

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