First Hatey’s lunch rules add $1.22 BILLION in new costs

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The School Nutrition Association is claiming the new school lunch and snack regulations are causing administrative costs to explode and wants Congress to take action.

“The cost of meeting new federal nutrition standards for school meals will triple in Fiscal Year 2015,” according to the SNA.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that the new school meal standards will force local school districts and states to absorb $1.22 billion in new food, labor and administrative costs in Fiscal Year 2015 alone, up from $362 million in additional costs in FY 2014,” the association notes, adding its own emphasis.

The spike in costs are related to the “healthy” National School Lunch Program overhaul championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.


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  1. Of course it’s more expensive, this how these people create jobs but the only kind they can make are non-producing bureaucratic ones….

    Hey why do I keep getting an error message that states “error establishing database” when I log onto this site??

  2. That 1.2 billion is in EXTRA costs to the states. Add to that the amount of food forced on the students but thrown away by them because it tastes like vomit, and the food that must be thrown away because the students refuse to take it.

    That makes the 1.2 billion figure easily DOUBLE. Gee. Another Obama economic lie. I am shocked, stunned, and amazed.

  3. Anything to spend money and throw it to the four winds is
    Anything to weaken America.
    Now that thar’s the real puzzle piece that fits!

  4. Every day a new school district dumps Mike’s menu, so we’ve got that goin’ for us, which is nice.

  5. Couple of high dollar fuckups we have there in the White House. Are they selling crack out the back door yet?

  6. The damage done by ‘Obamas’ (or whoever they really are) will be found to be worse than any war in our history. Reconstruction (if it ever happens – and a GOP candidacy of Mittens Romney will ensure that) will be more challenging then that after the Civil War.

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