First It Was Murder Hornets, Then Bunny Ebola – Now It’s Prairie Dogs

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Officials in Nebraska’s Panhandle are asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture for help and are exploring other options to control what they say is an encroaching prairie dog problem in the region.

The Cheyenne County Board commissioners said Monday during a meeting that the animals are threatening to overrun the towns of Lodgepole, Sidney and Potter if more is not done to control their numbers, the Scottsbluff Star-Herald reported. More

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  1. Oh horseshit. People travel long distances and some even pay ranchers to shoot prairie dogs in Montana.

    Tell them to sod off.

  2. From what I have heard JD and his kids are right crew for the job! I’m not sure how Prairie Dogs compare to Rock Chucks for sport, but if was about to be overrun by either I’m giving JD a call.

  3. @ Bad_Brad JULY 9, 2020 AT 4:17 PM

    My buddy and I each take a 5,000 round case of 22LR, maybe a thousand 22 magnum and a couple thousand rounds of center fire ranging from 17 Hornet through 243 when we go to Montana to shoot prairie dogs for a week. We don’t bring much loaded ammo home either.

  4. Open the land you want the pests removed from up to varmint hunters for no charge or licensing fees as long as they can show an old or new hunting license from yours or another state.
    You will fill up the motels, sell a lot of gas, meals and whiskey, not to mention varmint ammo and in a year or so your Prarie Dog problems will be solved.

  5. 1. Live trap prairie dogs.
    2. Establish a pet prairie dog craze on various social media platforms.
    3. Infect captured prairie dogs with plague-bearing fleas.
    4. Ship them all to Communist China.

  6. Prairie Dog Hunting Rates
    Photo Gallery: View our up to date prairie dog hunting photo gallery.
    Price & Package: These prairie dog hunts are 3 day/3 night with lodging and meals included and priced at $1500 per hunter, we do not offer shorter prairie dog hunts. You may check in after 4:00 pm the day before your hunt starts, early arrivals will be charged a additional day. No license is required for prairie dog or coyote hunting except for those club members who hunt state land. Please check the contact page for our payment policy.
    Non hunting Guests: are $800 but only IF we have space available.

    I haven’t shot in Zortman for a while, mainly because there are better places to shoot. I don’t call it hunting either, it is shooting. There are also outfits down by Roundup that I have seen out at dog towns shooting. I don’t know what they charge.

  7. The few times I’ve got to shoot PDogs were the best times I’ve had with my pants on! But for now, I will be hanging on to every round of ammo I own.

    In OK where we used to shoot they’ve been pretty much eliminated. A guy figured out that coating poisoned wheat with vegetable oil keeps the rain from washing away the poison which had previously rendered poisoning not practical.

  8. JDHasty

    Ya know I built up a 243 (AR 10) for a guy who hunts a lot. He took an Elk with it two years ago. So I built a trick one up with a Black Hole Weaponry 20 inch barrel. All light weight, gun came in just under 7 pounds. Couldn’t sell it. Had it in multiple gun stores. No interest. At the same time I couldn’t build 6.5 Creedmoors fast enough. If you check the Ballistics on the 243 it’s every bit as good as the Creedmoor. Guns in my name now, I should break it out of the safe.

  9. @flip — Good thinking! Except shipping flea infested prairie dogs to Seattle, Portland, and San Francrisco is much cheaper. Those for starters.

    In fact, for isolation/quarantine purposes, San Fran would work well. Block the GG and Bay bridges, disable BART, then set up a blockade along Route 92 from Foster City to Half Moon Bay and you got it all contained.

  10. My primary 400 – 500 plus yard chuck/prairie dog rifle was a 22-250 for years, but the guy that spots for me has diabetes and his vision is lacking a bit. More and more I tend to shoot 243. It’s a solid performer and bullet splashes are much easier to see.

  11. Just be sure and get pictures first and send to Claudia before you blow their cute little heads off. 🐀 🙁

  12. They taste like crap.

    Besides, you use a big ass vacuum to suck up prairie dogs by the tanker full. Not as fun as shooting them….but not as boring either.

    Personally, I’d strap a suicide vest on one I caught and send it back to it’s hole before detonating it.

  13. I have personally watched a couple goofballs completely destroy the Lila barrels on their custom ARs in under five minutes. They traveled from back east somewhere and were with an outfitter from Billings.

    I talked to them in a restaurant a couple days later and they went to Sheels and bought a couple Savage bolt guns in 223 and ruined the barrels on those too. You have to have discipline with any centerfire, including 22 Hornet or you will wash out the little twisty doo dads In the barrel pronto.

    I’m pretty careful. It costs a lot of money to put those twisty little doo dads In the barrels I use.

  14. @ Aaron Burr JULY 9, 2020 AT 4:56 PM

    So I’ve heard. I’ll take those who have tried both word for it.

    I haven’t seen a sucker truck since maybe 1995. They were a fad for a while though.

  15. JDHasty

    Another reason to shoot Black Hole. They’re Polygonal. That AR platforms original design intent was to run auto, If someones killing barrels in one they shouldn’t own a gun.
    I’ve used Lilja barrels. Interesting old guy. Not sold on his stainless barrels. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Black Hole. They’re super accurate, speedy, and you can’t kill them.

  16. The sucker trucks were a flash in the pan when I was a kid in Co. Snurf the pups out of the burrow, then ship them to Japan for pets. They were getting about $700 each IIRC.

  17. .22lr @ 100yds, and you can shoot all day they never seem to figure out where it came from. I have an old Remington 341, with a homemade trigger spring that will hold a small group at 100 yds. If it is a miss, it’s not the rifle.
    The last time we took the big guns, the newbie won with a stock 700 ADL 25-06 @ 685 yds. One low left, second round hit.

  18. Sanders said, “I don’t want to eradicate (prairie dogs). God put them here for a reason.”

    Found your problem.

  19. “Hi. My name is Mike Ritter. I’m a prairie dog livin’ the good life in Nebraska, eatin’ broccoli, snacking on carrots, chewin’ grass and just hangin’ out around the old farms here. Life’s been pretty good so far. Been makin’ a livin’ and taking care of the chitlins and my good wife Ima K. But seconds after this photo was taken, I looked up over yonder and the next thing I know I was hit right in the noggin. I lost my head and tried to run, but that was all she wrote.”

    Here’s a picture of me and Ima K.’s at our weddin’:

    In the end,

    (Apparently, Mike drank heavily and liked playing with live ammunition.)

    Headstone: “Here lies Mike Ritter, Prairie Dog. He was livin’ the good life in Nebraska.”

  20. Fine. Don’t suck them up. Shoot highly pressurized flaming gas into the holes and blast them out like tiny volcanoes.

  21. You guys just reminded me I have to buy a .22 wmr.

    They have been out of stock up here in canuckistan for a while.

    Thanks all.

  22. I used to shoot the crap out of them riding shotgun on my uncles wheat combine in Texas. Set me up for a great career as a Airborne Ranger Infantry soldier.

  23. You people are SOOOooo racist!

    Quit trying to hoard all the prairie dog boner bennies for your pasty selves! There’s enough white people in the world! Let the Chinese be Chinese. With their bigger, harder, almost African manhoods.

  24. Real men used to hunt prairie dogs with nothing but pointed sticks, at night, and it was uphill, both ways…

  25. Brad,

    Dan Lila is a good man. He shoots the big bench Matches at Tacoma Rifle & Revolver Club so I see him a couple times every year. I use his barrels… and a few others.

    I actually prefer my Kimber Mini Classic in 22LR to everything else. Second is a toss up between my Savage Anschutz sportier in 22 Mag or CZ 527s either 17 Or 22 Hornets walking around the towns shooting prone or sitting. My Mod 52 sportier is heavier and the 10/22 rifles are too easy to get into being sloppy with.

    Most of our bench shooting at dogs is while at lunch or dinner at the truck. It’s fun, but my fat ass needs the exercise and I really enjoy the stalking aspect.

    We always have ARs with us, but don’t shoot them much for some weird reason. I have one w/16” Faxon pencil barrel in Wylde that weighs nothing, but the ammo is too heavy and bulky for walking around. You need about 300 rounds for a good afternoon’s stroll. The Hornets make that doable.

    The kids mostly shoot the ARs from the bench. It’s either that or cut off the stock on a bolt gun and the ARs are every bit as good to three and a half or four bucks. Even the five year olds the stocks can be slid up short enough to fit them on an AR.

    They are coyote medicine though and that is for sure and for certain.

  26. FWIW, I only brought the 17 Hornet and a Ruger 11165 10/22 along on this trip. 17 Hornet Contender carbine and Davey Cricket for the kids.

    That 11165 is a real Jim Dandy

    One of Ruger’s best kept secrets. I purposely brought it this trip because I avoided10/22s on other trips and it is so pretty and is extremely accurate. I need to shoot it more.

  27. Advertise in a Chinese newspaper: Free Prairie Dogs, Catch all you want but eat all you catch.
    They will be all gone in seven weeks.

  28. BB

    That’s a pretty sharp looking outfit. I’m a bolt catch release slapper and that charging handle would break me of that real quick. If my daughter saw that FDE set it would cost me. She always grabs any FDE furniture I have squirreled away. I’ve been keeping it from her that receiver sets and hand guards come in any color but black.

    Our gun club was shut down since March and I have been too busy to get out with her since it reopened a month ago. I helped her put together an HBAR using Magpul UBR, 20 inch National Match weight Fluted SS in 1:8 Wylde, geiselle SSA and ambidextrous safety (right handed, but left eye dominant) for rockchuck shooting out past 17 Hornet range. She picked out Meopta 5-20 from our scopes for it and then everything kind of went bust for chuck shooting this year.

    We are going to have plenty of time to get it tuned before next season though. The one time we had it out someone said something about her shooting dad’s rifle. She corrected the record real fast.

  29. I know that company. You make those?

    The fudge wouldn’t you market those? I used to sell stuff like that. It’s easy.

    It’s even easier when the stuff you’re selling is cool.

    BadBrad Muzzle Brake. Etch a lil’ bulldog on the side. Boom 300 bucks.

    Probably more…… been a while now that I think about it.

  30. Burr,
    If you want to take a run at AZ with some stuff I’ll hit you up when I have some inventory

  31. I’ll just buy one and take it around to…damn…there’s like a lot of shops….

    I’ll take it around and see what all the smiths have to say. Either it’ll jump off the shelves or it wont. People out here will recognize quality and uniqueness pretty dang quick.

    Then I’d send it to a gun mag in exchange for an article in the mag.

  32. Wait….these things are still 300 bucks, right?

    Is this a 600 dollah custom piece?

    Cuz people are poor out here. Finding a way to bring the price point down would be key.

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