First Lady Melania Trump Bowls Over Britain


First Lady Melania Trump bowled over Britain with joy as President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May held bilateral discussions.

Mrs Trump joined Philip May for a visit to the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London on Friday morning.  Melania was, well, ‘radiant’ as she joined Chelsea Pensioners and local schoolchildren for the game of lawn bowling, and ended her turn on the green with a high-five to a Chelsea Pensioner, much to his delight. WATCH

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  1. I’ve started attending church again. Due to my impure thoughts about our first lady. Yes, I am an asshole.

  2. having said that, I’ve been watching this shit. I’m of the opinion our First Lady and our President have a love affair going on. I think she digs him and he digs her. How 60’s of me. But I think that the truth.

  3. She’s so pretty! BFH probably is sick of me sending in pics of Melania in her latest stylish outfit. That yellow number she wore yesterday-wowsa!

    @Brad I agree with you. POTUS and FLOTUS love and respect each other and enjoy being with each other. I always note his hand on her back as they walk and their mutual smiles/laughter.

  4. Any of You notice that every You Tube video about Female Aliens, has a Smoking Hot Blonde that looks just like Melania.

  5. Gone are the horrid outfits from recycled couch or drapery material, which were favored by Michele Obama. Her outfits always reminded me of Carol Burnett’s GONE WITH THE WIND, parody, drapery rods included. Except the black widow dress. Horrid stuff, but appropriate image.

  6. @Brad – I agree. They seem to be drawing closer since the campaign. They definitely are a team. She is a class act and a great asset to him.

  7. I bet DJT says, “ you look great, babe” or “you are beautiful,honey” in the most endearing way out of reverence and respect. Feminists would be outraged, only, deep down they wished a man would love them in just the same way.

  8. She is our secret weapon — whenever she enters a room, all eyes and ears are upon her. Nobody can remember what President Trump or anyone else said or did.

    So pleased that she is on this trip – she will bowl over Putin as well.

  9. She may be the all time best 1st Lady! In addition to looks she is an athlete; something not seen in a longtime. She is graceful because she is an athlete. Something not seen in a 1st Lady in decades.


    Before marriage she was a well paid “girlie” mag star! She still has good looks years later.

    But all of Don’s wives have been lookers!

  10. I agree she is beautiful, but I love her because her smile is genuine, she pays attention to others, is engaged with them, and she represents the class that is an American woman.

  11. @ Agatha; All the praiseful comments above are true but yours nails it best! Love looking at/watching her apparent soulful mastery of it all!

  12. Bad_Brad: I’m of the opinion our First Lady and our President have a love affair going on.

    Me, too. It’s lovely to see a real marriage of hearts and minds and not just a political partnership.

    Agatha also said it very well.


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