First Lady Melania Trump Lights National Christmas Tree

Oh, and POTUS was there, too.

17 Comments on First Lady Melania Trump Lights National Christmas Tree

  1. Trump is the lighted star on top of the tree. The Mooch is the pile of dog shit left under the tree, Obama is the piss stain on the branches. Melania is all the ornaments on the tree. It’s a sight to behold.

  2. OT -That faggot prof. Pam Karlan and Stanford are idiots. She doesn’t know the difference between Barron (a name) and Baron (a word).

  3. I’m sure the demo-left will find something to complain about it or her.
    While the rest of us see it as top self, first class, event.

  4. President Trump should do a fireside radio chat before Christmas.

    And you polluters of good streams should be ashamed.

  5. Nice to know we no longer have to fear the possibility Big Mike bending over, manifesting the mass consumption of bean burritos, flicking a Bic, and torching off a huge pile of White House Christmas trees.

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