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First Lawsuit Filed Against Maricopa County

Western Journal

Kari Lake’s campaign wants to know exactly what happened during the Nov. 8 midterm elections. In pursuit of that goal, the former news anchor turned Republican firebrand is suing the election officials of Maricopa County, Arizona. More

5 Comments on First Lawsuit Filed Against Maricopa County

  1. Dem/Media – “Move along now – nothing to see!”

    Or worse “You’re an Election denier!”

    They own the narrative. Flip it around – “you are an Election Fraud denier.”

    I’ve been thrown off Twitter for stating that. Communism still lives on Twitter.

  2. And when the Left goes forum shopping and finds a friendly judge who releases a BS ruling for and the national media says Get over it and local elites say, “C’mon you’re enbarassing Arizona again” .. What then

    At some point we must go full on Brazil .. mass protests, and the entire MAGA nation has to join us

  3. Multiple lawsuits were filed after the ‘big steal’ in 2020.
    They were ALL dismissed outright. Expect the same thing this
    time. The left OWNS everyone and every thing tasked with holding
    them accountable.

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