First Maricopa County Supervisor Resigns Ahead Of Arizona Audit Report Release

Gateway Pundit

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri has announced his resignation from office effective November 5. Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Steve Chucri said the Maricopa County-led post-election audit was “bullsh*t”. More

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  1. “There Was No Cover-Up, The Election Was Not Stolen. Biden Won.” Say it three times, click your heels together, and, hopefully, A HOUSE WILL FALL ON YOU!!!!

  2. This is taking way to long to be of any immediate help. And we really need some immediate help. We’re going to be swimming in third world dirt bags real soon.

  3. If they had ratfucked anyone other than Trump they would have gotten away with it. No other politician in the country had the stones or the loyal following to do Jack shit about it.

  4. He should just go to Mexico change his name and come back mixed in with the invasion. Free room and board, healthcare, and never have to work another day. Learning Spanish is optional.

  5. If Biden won, why resist the audit?
    Doesn’t make sense if it would prove, once and for all, your thesis.
    You’d think they’d embrace an audit – a NATIONWIDE audit!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. 1) How many months has it been?


    Stinks like shit in Biden’s Diapers…

  7. It sounds interesting. But I was having trouble following the story on Gateway Pundit with their typical rollicking roller coaster of fonts, colors and various debris scattered all over that webpage. Next time you link to GP, maybe advise people to take a Dramamine first.

  8. Found out today that our local human smuggler, Catholic Charities, has brought some Afghan jihadis-I mean, ‘refugees’ into my adopted hometown. Can’t wait to see what happens…

  9. I’m not holding out much hope with the Arizona audit.

    Trying to talk to Republicans in my red state is like beating your head against a wall when it comes to audits. So I’ve just started telling those that tell me how safe, secure and fair our elections are that they must have benefited from these machines.

    So I see nothing coming from the Arizon audit, because I don’t think the majority of Republicans want to expose election fraud. We’re pretty much screwed and will remain screwed. So I don’t hold much hope for our country either.
    We have who knows how many “refugees” and illegals in this country, no telling how many terrorists in the country on top of the covid mark of the beast like bullshit.


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