First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia – IOTW Report

First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia


The Army’s first openly transgender officer was indicted Thursday on charges of trying to provide American soldiers’ medical information to the Russian government.

A federal grand jury in Baltimore indicted Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Anna Gabrielian, on charges of conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information. According to prosecutors, the couple met last month with an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian diplomat and offered medical information from Fort Bragg, the home of the military’s elite Delta Force.

Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins University, told the undercover agent during an Aug. 17 meeting that “she was motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail,” according to the indictment. Gabrielian gave the undercover agent medical information on a spouse of someone who works in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and “highlighted” a medical issue that “Russia could exploit.”

Henry, a doctor at Fort Bragg, gave the undercover agent information on five patients at the military facility, according to the indictment, first reported by the Baltimore Banner.

Henry has been praised as a pioneer of the transgender movement after coming out as transgender in an interview with BuzzFeed News in 2015. Henry claimed to be the first known active-duty Army officer to come out as transgender, and the first to legally change their name while in service. more

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  1. So, the historical reason to reject people with this behavior is supported by their behavior in the New and Improved Woke Army.

    Check. Don’t hang them for being trans/gay traitors, but for being traitors.

  2. An FBI agent arrested a tranny? If you wanted to see an FBI agent be disciplined, you are about to get your wish. (I know there was the whistle blower, so the FBI must be getting out their paddle.)

  3. Spies are usually taken from the ranks of the mentally unstable.
    That’s why Russia (Soviet Union) recruited so many fags in England and beyond.
    Their wiring’s already scrambled, so it’s easier to turn them.
    Philby, Manning, and a host of others.
    Apparently the new Woke Armed Forces has forgotten this – or not – may be part of the plan.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Solid proof degenerates are obsessed with their mental illnesses. They will compromise/sacrifice/corrupt ANYTHING to support their sick compulsive behavior. It’s never about anything else.

    Psychotics should not be in the military – especially as a protected class. Another example of destabilizing the military by evil bureaucrats.

  5. I hope these screwy traitors find the peace of mind and contentment that only twenty years in a Federal Wine and Cheese Pairing Facility can bring to sexual deviants. Bung Ho! I’m sure they will both feel more comfortable amongst their own kind.

  6. First Bradley Manning AKA Chelsea Manning and now this,

    Further proof trannys have no place in the military or their support, they are a security risk and mentally ill.

  7. Shame upon those political and military leaders who chose to destabilize our military and create a deadly National Security issue that threatens the lives of those who choose to serve.
    Commonly referred to as “Bastards”.

  8. @jasmin loutra loura

    If you’re doing so well, why do you spend time trying to recruit others that might even take over your job??
    While your “companion” is ‘prescribing’ you to ‘attempt’ it ‘easily’, I suggest you get a second opinion…..Oh, and maybe brush up on you ‘English’ skills.

  9. I went through Air Force basic training in November of 1973. Faggots were quickly identified and sent to a special barracks to live for a few days while they were being out-processed from the service. We need to go back to that.

  10. The traitors are the Army brass that allow this shit to happen. They looked the other way to please their woke masters knowing full well this man had psychological problems.

  11. I can testify from first hand experience that the Army Medical Corps was a bastion of liberalism well before the rest of the Army was infected. Look no further than Major Hassan. So afraid of the Kenyan Queer they never investigated this obvious terrorist who was even promoted.

    Got myself in hot water with the CG and Ft. Sam installation Commander when I protested CNN hosting a Wounded Warrior event. They put the giantred commie CNN letters smackdab in front of Brook Army Medical center. I threw a fit at this rampant commercialization of my troops but was smacked down proper. My CSM talked me off that particular cliff.

    Was a born, raised, and decorated gun bunny but that held no sway compared to kissing liberal ass.

    The highly educated are almost all liberals through the decades of indoctrination received from kindergarten. Now it’s just completely out of control.

    For perspective I offer this. Under the Magic Negro China hacked every single gubmit employees full medical record and security clearance file. This includes all branchs of the entire military.

    I agree these twisted perverts should hang, but keep that in mind when you consider what constitutes an actual traitor as opposed to these wannabes…

  12. I suggest a patriotic style Julius & Ethel Rosenberg going away party.
    Copious amounts of electricity generated by good old American coal.
    It’ll be a buzz they’ll never forget.


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