First they came for an Oscar host, then they came for the Heisman winner

Patriot Retort: When I was a kid, I got super angry at my big brother for some reason.  Since big brothers are genetically programmed to be mean to their little sisters, my brother Mark had been tormenting me about something.  And I had had enough. So I wrote on a piece of paper “Mark is a FAG.”

I’d like to think my writing skills have improved since then.  But this was when I was little and the “rapier wit” gene had yet to kick in.

The long and short of it is, I got in trouble for writing “Mark is a FAG” on a piece of paper because, according to my Mom, that was a dirty word.

Which was news to me.  Boys at school called each other “fag” as an insult, so I thought, “why not?”  I didn’t even know what it meant.

Sadly, because of this incident from my childhood, I will never be allowed to host the Oscars, land a job in Big Tech, be nominated for the Supreme Court, or, apparently, win a Heisman trophy.

Of course, my lack of football skills and advanced age probably have a little something to do with that as well.

But what really takes me out of the running for the Heisman is writing “Mark is a FAG” on a piece of paper over forty years ago.

At least that’s what USA Today writer Scott Gleason thinks.

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray is this year’s Heisman Trophy winner.

And before the young man could even come down from the thrilling rush of the win, USA Today’s Gleason got hold of some tweets he wrote when he was fifteen that used an “anti-gay slur.”

And not just once!  He used an “anti-gay slur” four times.  Four times!

What kind of monster is he?!

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  1. I think these timid little snowflake assholes need to go crawl back into their vaginas and off themselves. If they need medical assistance to to it I’d be willing to advise them free of charge.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing how life offends these putrid little cum stains.

  2. I always find it interesting that the single-most intolerant group are black males. In that respect, its the one time Don Lemon told the truth-

  3. MJA, well put. Fags should feel good about only being called a fag. Back in the forties, they used to get beaten up severely.

    I wouldn’t advise that now, but mainly because if you smash-mouth one of them, it’s possible to come in contact with their diseased and deadly blood. Best thing is to stay away from them and the corners of the cities where they live, but don’t procreate.

    On the Heismann Trophy winner, the NFL probably dictated those terms to him: accept fags or forget a career playing in the NFL. The league needs all the viewers it can find, fags included. The league’s head honchos can dictate personal beliefs, the rotten bastards.

  4. I won a bet a few years ago with my now nervous liberal friends. I also mentioned this in the early days of IOTW (to which many scoffed), I bet them that once they got “hate speech” passed that in a few years not only would it be illegal to point out what they truly are but it would be actually illegal to disagree with them (to an extent now it is true). I have lost many a job because I won’t kiss the gay cock-ring. Good thing my skill set is currently in very high demand. The smarter of my liberal friends are now all retiring (much like the repub never-Trump congressmen did) from their jobs and hunkering down to watch the destruction that they have wrought upon the rest of us from what they hope is a safe distance (i.e. in their little-gated and isolated communities). At least they admit they are afraid of the pink jack-boots and pink swastika. I am not and will keep pointing them out until I am marched off to a re-education camp or the revolution comes.

  5. If you waste all your time worrying about anyone calling Mark a fag, you won’t have time to be proud of Mark giving men blow jobs and anal sex.

  6. Blacks must understand that they are only tolerated as long as they are useful to the left and they better remember their place as helpful agitprop tools or else. Of course, gays will soon no longer be useful either once muslims have completed their ascendency so the queers had better enjoy this brief position of power because soon they too will be flung from the rooftops (so to speak).

  7. The left’s gay faction have cleverly become socialist puritans marking heterosexuals with the rainbow letter “H”. Which means heteros are targeted for harrassment and persecution for the sin of ridiculing deviant behavior.
    The young man will have to learn a NFL career requires being scrutinized by the NFL corporate leadership and socialist media heavily populated by gays, SJW, Antifa and feminists or his career is over. This is what happens when socialism controls the culture.

  8. It’s almost like gay people are mentally ill or something, by obsessing on a word they are proud to be called.

  9. NOT TRUE! I was never mean to a little sister, nor a little brother! It was “tough love”!

    Being the eldest I was in charge when the parents were out; I ran a “tight ship”! NOT MEAN!

    Also not a faggot!

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